Sun-kissed Vacation: Places with most beautiful sunsets in Kerala

Travelling is good for the mind and body. It helps us relax after the constant drudgery of our daily lives. Beauty and freedom are two things that help us recharge our spirits and enliven our soul. Travelling broadens our mind and makes us one with nature. It revives the roots and overwhelms us with peace and beauty.

The day starts off every day with a glorious sunrise and the moment we breathe in the first-morning air and set our eyes at the rosy sun peeping up from the horizon across the clods and over the seas and oceans, we are filled with an overpowering sense of gratitude and blessing.

Similarly, at day end when the sun God decides to vanish across the edges of the horizon, we are left speechless and spellbound. In Kerala, there are a variety of sunsets that spreads a magnetic charm across mountain ranges, seas and backwaters.

1.     Sublime Sunset at Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is widely famed for its beautiful sunset. The mix of in various shades of crimson, russet, yellow, golden, orange and red melting on the ocean surface gives rise to a captivating sunset. The beauty of the sunset at Kovalam Beach attracts many ace photographers to capture the moments. Enjoy your fresh fruit platter, tea, seafood and other tasty titbits at the beach shacks.

The beach is never overcrowded and you can have time to enjoy restful peace. The waves at Kovalam are higher than the waves of other Kerala beaches. It is actually a combination of three crescent-shaped beaches and together they provide a long line of beaches.

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The beach has a massive rocky promontory that gives rise to a beautiful bay with calm waters and is absolutely perfect for an idyllic sea bathing or swimming out into the shallow waters. Kovalam Beach has been a favorite tourist place since the decades of the 1930s.

2.     Brilliant Sunset at Varkala beach

Varkala Beach is a serene beach located in the Thiruvananthapuram district. The beach is also known as Papanasam Beach. Varkala Beach is mesmerizing with the unique combination of cliffs situated adjacent to the Arabian Sea. This part of Southern Kerala has numerous water spouts and spas by the edge of these cliffs that forms an undeniable attraction for tourists.

The beach is a haven for sun-bathing and swimming and for various beach activities such as boat rides, parasailing, jet-skiing, and horse-riding. There are also various café and restaurants to be found here. And the beach is a chosen spot to watch the lazy sunset calling off a day to give way to the new day.

3.     Vibrant Sunset at Cochin Marine Drive

Cochin Marine Drive is a ubiquitous and picturesque promenade that is located pleasantly along the Arabian Sea. Cochin is a port city neatly tucked at the southwest coast of India. Revel in the special experience of enjoying a royal sunset cruise tour originating from the Cochin harbor. The sunset from the marine drive is absolutely stunning.

Marine drive faces the backwaters of Kochi and offers beautiful views of the sea spread across, of russet sunset and the scintillating Kochi harbor. In the evening, the Kochi marine Drive offers a surreal beauty of the rays of the setting sun is reflected off its waters. Watch the beautiful scenic panorama from the comfort of the seats fitted on the beach, offering utmost relaxation and tryst with beauty to the tourists crowding the 140 meters walkway.

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The beach area stretches from the Jankar Jetty to the Ernakulam Boat Jetty. The scenic splendors of the setting sun that paint the sky with vibrant colors across the silhouette of the Chinese fishing nets and the cliffs is a moment that stops still in the mind.

4.     Scintillating Sunset at Alappuzha or Alleppey Beach

Alappuzha is a famous tourist destination in Kerala that attracts travelers from all parts of the world with the famed beauty of the beaches, backwaters, and houseboats. Alappuzha Lighthouse forms an important attraction at the beachfront that offers enchanting views of the wide-open seas spread for miles ahead.

Alleppey beach is undoubtedly one of the cleanest and longest beaches of Kerala and offers a golden and soulful sunset. Watch with bated breath and keep eyes riveted to the golden orb vanishing into the golden waters of the reflected sun rays. It is a well-maintained and clean beach that offers plenty of chance to sit and relax.

Watch the beauty of the sunset at leisure and experience the day passing by into the darkness of the night via a gorgeous sunset that gifts your memory with unforgettable visuals. The calm seas, the lazily floating small and quaint fishing boats, the soothing blue waters with minor ripples created by the salty sea breeze across a setting sun lend the place an alluring beauty. Without any major commercial activities on the beach, you will be left to yourself to embrace the charm of the sunset wholly and peacefully.

5.     Serene Sunset at Fort Cochin Beach

Fort Kochi Beach offers a memorable sunset. It is situated about 12 kilometers from the main Kochi city. Two other places of considerable tourist interests are the Mahatma Gandhi Beach and Light House Beach which are located nearby.

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A walkway along the beach during the moments of a perfect picturesque sunset with the beatific Chinese fishing nets and sailing ships in the background is to be cherished indefinitely. The cool waters, the gentle waves and the murmur of the seas make a wonderful combination to attract tourists to watch the sunset across its waters. Explore the option of traveling in Kokihi Darhsan boats to visit Old Cochin and Vasco da Gama church which is a 2 to 3 hours trip.

The upper deck of the cruise boats has music to shake your legs and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Relax on the beach during the evening hours to enjoy the enthralling sunset firing up the colors of the sea.

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