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Eliminate Proven Pain Points in Surgical Coding

Coders struggle with coding operative reports as some multiple policies and guidelines influence the selection of codes. Surgical coding mistakes can be a considerable threat resulting in loss of reimbursements and also breach in compliance.

The Major Pain Areas of Surgical Coding :

  • Unbundling of procedures
  • Multiple procedures with inappropriate coding
  • Missing charges with procedures
  • Incomplete review of the document
  • Lack of documentation support for medical necessity
  • Incorrect modifier usage
  • No documentation for the imaging guidance
  • Incorrect unit reporting

Outpatient surgery coders are predominantly responsible for using classification systems, reviewing the statements, and assigning the codes for ensuring that the insurance companies are billed correctly for the services extended by the medical providers.

To select the proper ICD 10 codes, you will have to:

  • Verify the identify the codes with the highest specificity
  • Reviewing the chapter-specific coding guidelines
  • Finding the alphabetic index condition and begin the process for looking at the primary term in the alphabetic index

According to a study conducted between 8 countries, almost 25% of all healthcare spending includes administrative costs, including paying the salaries of staff that handle medical coding and billing.

A Specialized Surgical Coding service provider

If you are looking for task-specific support for your surgical coding demands, reducing your operational transparency with an experienced service provider, it can be an excellent strategic approach! A quality medical coding services partner will help in eliminating proven pain points, improve your credibility, and help you with consistent ROI.

How can a Specialised Surgical Code Provider Company help you excel?

  • Monitoring, analyzing and improving coding documentation to avoid rejections and ensure reimbursements
  • Deliver error-free charge sheets within the agreed turn-around time
  • Customized reporting and careful determination of the codes according to clinical information
  • Adherence to ICD-10 guidelines by certified coders (CPC)
  • Maintaining 100% HIPAA compliance
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