The best tool to explain the brand, services, and products

The animated videos are the perfect tool for communication and distribution. It helps your brands, products and services to show in a simple, original and unique way. Sometimes, companies spend so much time explaining and defining their product and neglect something as important as visual communication, in which we must be creative, dynamic and fresh.

Animation videos offer all these features and, in addition, their great visual and viral capacity make them a great communication and dissemination tool.

What is Whiteboard animation?

The video whiteboard animation is a kind of explanatory video made entirely with 2D digital technology. They are an essential type of video to explain both a product and a service, and even a company in a fun and captivating way. They usually tell a story or explain a specific topic within an imaginary whiteboard, which has no size limit.

Normally, hands that hold markers or pens are used, and these move while letters, graphics, or other drawn elements appear.

The whiteboard video technique is widely used in cases where it is required to explain a complex product or service, and we also need to do it in the shortest possible time and so that we retain the viewer until the end. They are hypnotic videos, which we hardly skip when we have already started watching them. The basic and simple technology of writing and drawing on white board transmits an educational power that few audiovisual techniques can match.

How to make a good Whiteboard Animated Video

Like all audiovisual production, the whiteboard video script is essential. It is a part that must be worked well, and reviewed several times before starting to make drawings and animations. A script failure, or a change in this in the middle of production can cause you to have to throw all the graphics and animations made so far. It is something to keep in mind, since repeating according to what phases, will only make the audiovisual more expensive

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To make an whiteboard animation, remember that the script must have an introductory part, in which we present the problems that your product or service cracks. You must also have a development part, where you must include how your product or service solves this problem. And as a last part, the conclusive one, in which you must concentrate on a motive with which you will convince your target audience and convert the whiteboard video display into a sale.

One of the most important reasons for the success of this type of videos is its short duration. It is for this reason that they usually get to the point, focusing them only on a problem and a solution, without going through the branches. Focusing them on the needs of our target audience, and showing the benefits of our product or service will be sufficient to achieve the final conversion.

We estimate that a correct duration for a whiteboard video should be between 1 minute and 2 minutes 30 seconds. Each specific case requires a specific solution. However, if the audiovisual production is less than 1 minute, we will probably not enter all the information that the viewer needs. If we spend 2 minutes 30 seconds, it is likely that just by seeing what the video lasts, many users do not even start playing it.

Features of using whiteboard animation in the educational process

The full use of interactive whiteboards gives the teacher the opportunity to make work in the lesson more effective. However, many teachers forget that whiteboard is not a wonderful tool that instantly changes all the work in the classroom, you just need to turn it on. In the end, it is the teacher who determines how fully the functions of the board are involved, it depends on his efforts and creative imagination whether all the features of the device will be realized. Practice shows that the most serious obstacle that teachers face when working with interactive whiteboards is the lack of knowledge of the possibilities of the new educational equipment.

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As a rule, the teacher begins to use the whiteboard as a screen for presentations or as a white surface for writing. Then it quickly combines these two functions: it leaves a place for recordings directly in the presentation or connects individual images, labels and presentation blocks with the drawn arrows. Regardless of whether PowerPoint or whiteboard software is used, the teacher almost goes beyond the usual presentation format. Even not always children get the opportunity to do something at the blackboard on their own, which significantly narrows the scope of its use in the classroom.

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