The Biggest Problem With Kiteboarding, And How You Can Fix It

The Biggest Problem With Kiteboarding, And How You Can Fix It

Most mistakes in kiteboarding are easily avoided. People make mistakes because of bad training or lack of training. Even people who have been kiting for a long time will have bad habits that will be making them look like a beginner. There is a list of the top ten mistakes in kiteboarding:

Wind and weather:

It may be tempting to go out in winter storms but exercise great caution if you do, and in general, it is advised to avoid them. These are also dangerous as the kitesurfer in danger of being carried far out to sea.

Physical stressors and health:

Mistakes are increased with fatigue but it is easy to lose track of tiredness when wrapped up in the excitement of kitesurfing. Come in before your arms turn to jelly and hypothermia.


Generally, nothing to worry about in the UK but in warmer climes jellyfish, sea urchins, sharks, whales, and crocodiles are more of a problem. You can always check local conditions and it is listening to local advice and dress accordingly with stinger suits/reef booties.

Dangerous practices:

You are choosing to kitesurf in cross-offshore or offshore winds is malpractice as you risk getting blown out to sea. If this happens to consider releasing your kite, leaving your board and swimming back to shore. Jumping in shallow water is one of the dangerous and it is not worth the risk. You can go out to deeper water for jumps.

Equipment failure:

Deathlooping  is uncommon but it is occurring when the kite goes into uncontrollable loops. It will drag an attached kitesurfer with considerable power. It can be a pulley or brindle line breaking so inspect these regularly for signs of wear and replace before they fail.

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Other craft and swimmers:

You can be traveling fast so it is important to look out for boats and yachts, hang gliders and swimmers. Rules stipulate kitesurfers must be keeping at least 50m away from any swimmer.

Kiteboarding Repair:

Kite repair parts are one of the important for every kiteboarder. You never know when you are going to snag a pole, catch a sharp shell, or tear a valve off. We have anything from Bainbridge canopy repair tape, Kitefix, TearAid, and Kitchen Aid products. These are versatile and extremely effective. To learn more about Kiteboarding you should follow the professionals like Greg Boland and others. Greg Boland is CEO and Founder of Canada’s leading alternative investment firm West Face Capital combining control-through-distressed, high-yield, negotiated finance, proactive equity, and private equity activities.