The essential need for copier and printer solutions for your business

We live in a fast paced world where advanced and innovative devices and systems have allowed people to perform their tasks efficiently. The technological advancements have considerably helped business organizations to grow as numerous difficult tasks can now easily be managed. Apart from computers, network devices, and data storage systems, the two devices that have increased productivity and efficiency are printers and copiers.

Printers are an indispensable part of every business workplace, big or small. The main purpose of a printer is to accept text or image commands from the computer and transfer it on paper. Copiers, on the other hand, are also essential equipment and allows user to get several copies of a single document. In a typical day at the office, an employee may be tasked first to print the points of a business meeting using a printer and then use a copier to get dozens of copies that would be distributed among the participants of the meeting.

Traditionally both the printers and copiers used to be big and bulky equipment that not only used up space, but there were certain problems attached to them. The main issue with traditional printers and copiers was that it took certain steps to install the devices and then patiently wait till the printer accepts the command and prints. The speed and efficiency was a major concern when a person had to make several copies. The biggest problem was the malfunctioning and breakdown of the printer or a copier as they can be several reasons for it.

But gradually, as the technology got advanced, we got to see and use fast and efficient printers and copiers that improved productivity. Today the reputable and innovative manufacturing companies are offering an all in one equipment that will not allow a person to print and copy but use other important functions such as scanning and faxing.

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The most common types of printers for household and commercial purposes are inkjet and laser printers. The inkjet printers used liquid ink that is sprayed on the paper as the paper rolls by. The inkjet printers are best for common and easy usage. The laser printers, however, use a toner containing ink in powder form, and laser technology is used to transfer the ink from toner onto the printer.

Multi-function printers are becoming common in a business office where there is a constant need for printing, copying, and scanning services. The modern multipurpose printers also come with wireless technology that allows users to easily send printing commands without the need to connect several wires for communication between the printer and computer or laptop. In a competitive business environment, copier printer solutions are helping business companies to increase their productivity, sustain, and achieve success.

The combination of a printer and copier is simplifying the workplace, and single equipment is offering numerous functions, which include printing, copying, faxing, and scanning to assigned locations such as emails and cloud-based services. The printer and copier manufacturers also offer customized models with options such as hole punching, sorting, and sorting. The main purpose of a multipurpose printer and copier is to

  • Efficiently meeting the printing and copying requirements
  • Avoid the cost of buying separate devices for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing
  • Improving workflow and productivity
  • Less operating and maintenance costs

There is no question about the utility and convenience of having a multipurpose copier and printer, but it can be overwhelming selecting and buying the best multipurpose device suitable for your business. The first thing to consider is whether you need a monochrome or color multifunctional device. The size of your office space also matters. You would like a multifunctional device that fits your office and does not take too much space. The next point to consider is the specifications of the multifunctional printer, and that will depend on the type of use and the budget you have.

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There is a considerable difference between the cost of both a monochrome printer or copier and a color printer or copier. A monochrome device would be more economical due to the single black cartridge, while the color device would require four different cartridges black, yellow, cyan, and magenta. If your business requires a normal printer or copier usage without any colorful or flashy illustrations, then a monochrome device is ideal. But if you run an advertising agency, then you would require a color printer and copier for colorful and vibrant pictures to convince your clients and customers.

There are specific copiers designed for the home that are small in size that a person can buy for $100 or less. The copier best for business purposes are available from different price ranges, such as $300 to $600. The low priced desktop copiers are for casual purposes and would be not suited even for meager tasks of a small business organization. The office copiers are big and have multiple functions such as printing, scanning, and faxing. You can also use different paper sizes to take out copies. Some of the key features that you need to consider before making a decision to buy multipurpose equipment with printing and copying capability are

  • Speed and efficiency

One of the most vital factors for printing and copying service is speed and efficiency. The print speed is given by ‘ppm’ which means pages per minute. If your business requires high volumes of printing and copying, then a multifunctional printer with high ppm must be bought.

  • Paper capacity
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The paper capacity of the multifunctional printers is mentioned on the specifications sheet. Most printers use A4 and A3 size papers.

  • Scanning option

Nearly all the multifunctional printers and copiers have the option of scanning. But not every device has the option of the automatic document feeder, which is valuable if you are thinking of scanning bulk documents. You need to check the optical resolution if you want to scan both the Word documents and images

  • Ink and toner

The use of inkjet and laser technology is also a factor. The inkjet printers use liquid ink, while laser printers use powdered toner. The toners in the inkjet printers are replaced frequently, while the laser toners ensure durability and quality if a large volume of printing is required.