history of skin care

The History of Skincare

Skincare is the new hottest trend right now globally, you might have seen many people who have started using skincare, but have you ever stopped to wonder how all started or how did people in the past used to take care of their skin, well let’s take a trip down history and learn some interesting facts about how people of the past made use of skincare in their daily lives.

Ancient Egyptian Times:

The first-ever archaeological finings of skincare was found almost 6000 years ago.  However, cosmetics and skincare products weren’t just for used for looking good or aesthetics, they also defended the Ancient Egyptians from the natural difficulties they were facing, like the sun and insects. In terms of skincare, the Egyptians used sesame, castor, and moringa oils to resist wrinkles and slow down the aging of their skins. The Egyptians also produced a soap mucilage out of olive oil and clay to scrub their skin. Later when the empire started to prosper, Noble Egyptian women started using honey and milk masks into their beauty treatments to moisturize their skin, and they also used to take milk baths and used the dead sea salts to exfoliate and heal their skin.

Medieval Times

Throughout the 12th century, cosmetics and beauty products were used very frequently in medieval Europe. Creams consisted of animal fats were used to obtain whiter and fairer skin. Smooth, white skin was all the rage back in that time, and many women used herbal treatments to get fair skin and reduce pimples. Aloe vera, cucumbers, and rosemary  were used to clean the skin. Seeds, flowers, and leaves were also blended with honey to create face masks.

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Women of the Renaissance age used silver, lead, mercury, and chalk to color their faces. Most of the skincare methods that were used in this era mostly consisted of the same regimes that were used in the medieval era and women mostly relied on herbs and honey to rejuvenate their skin. Some other skincare methods used in this era are using broom stalks to cleanse the skin, Bread drenched in rose water was also used as sponge as means to soothe puffy eyes, oatmeal boiled in vinegar to treat pimples.

The 1900s

The 1900s saw many new skincare products being launched one after another some of the most basic skincare products of today were introduced in this era. Carmex was created in 1937, and sunscreen was invented in 1944. In 1946, Estee Lauder launched their cosmetics line in NYC which took their stocks right through the roof, and then in the 1950s Ponds, Oil of Olay, and Clinique were all launched, as well.

So this was a brief history of how skincare came into being the global sensation it is today, many people use skincare on a daily basis, most peo[ple have incorporated it in their life organic beauty products in Pakistan are also becoming very accessible day by day, generic products can be harmful for the skin and excessive use of generic products can lead to various skin problems in the future,

organic products are preferred over generic products as they are all-natural and don’t harm the skin wowo products are the leading organic brands in Pakistan.

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