The History & Overview of Molecular Medicine

What is Molecular Medicine?

A branch of medical science of medicine that focuses on developing a way to find and cure a disease by finding out how genes, proteins & other molecules work.

Take a case of cancer, molecular medicine is based on the research that shows how the functioning of certain molecules or proteins might become dysfunctional during a disease. This would help out in finding how that particular disease can be cured.

Molecular medicine primarily focuses on a molecular & cellular level to find the diseases and iterate a cure for it rather than finding defects in the organs of the human body.

There exists a Molecular Medicine Journal that is essentially an international journal that consists of all the research, reports and opinions from experts in the field of Molecular medicine. Its accessible online internationally for anyone who wants to know more about the topic in detail.

History of Molecular Medicine:

It all started in 1949, when the paper “sickle cell Anemi, a molecule disease” was published by Harvey Itano, Linus Pauling & their contributors. This paper built the groundwork of Molecular medicine for the first time.

In 1956, Roger Williams wrote Biochemical Individuality, which was a book in detail about genetics, how to prevent and the diseases on a molecular level. They also mentioned nutrition which at this moment is known as orthomolecular medicine.

Until 1970, the research was slow due to technical limitations, but after that, many new techniques & applications were introduced that pushed the progress of Molecular medicine.

Molecular Medicine Education:

Though there are not many universities around the world that offer such a course that’ll teach you on a molecular level about the diseases and cures, some europian universities are now offering this as a new scientific discipline, as an undergraduate course that will include medical studies with biochemistry.

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After this degree is received, such a person can pursue a proper carrier in the field of molecular medicine, lab work and another postgraduate degree.

The courses of such an undergraduate course would include:

  • Proteins
  • Research on Cancer
  • Biotechnology
  • Gene Expression
  • Study of Immune System in All Organisms

These are just most important once but there will be many more courses including some parts from chemistry as well.

Molecular Medicine Journal:

Molecular medicine journal is an online medicine journal, open to everyone around the world to check that consists of research about medicine, methods of prevention & cure for diseases on a molecular level.

It provides detailed information in the form of all the breakthrough research, papers, reports and experiments done till the date for the biomedicine industry.

Like in the case of Nursing Journal that essentially provides its community with the research & content that deals with how to care for critical patients for the nurses who are pursuing higher education in the field. Same applies for the case of molecular medicine journal as well.

Their main aim is to provide high quality content about the topic with real research that been done on that topic and to help those who can’t find proper research elsewhere.

These journals also aim to publish journal from experts who are otherwise unable to post research on these topics on their own like students & scholars etc.

These journals will post articles in the form of full length papers researched by scientists or in the form of short reports.

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In all of these journals, the research done by a certain person will get full credits and copyrights but as these are open access journals, they can be shared anywhere and used by anyone in the community. Authors can directly visit the site for these journals and submit their content as per their instructions.

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