Pirelli tyres

The journey of Pirelli tyres!

If you are a car enthusiast, and the thoughts of knowing the origin of the super and fabulous tyres crosses your mind, then this blog is surely going to be worth the read. There’s no secret that Pirelli’s consistency in keeping fast and high-performance vehicles pinned to the road has made them one of the most prestigious tyre brands in the world. They have come a long way. Their journey was not at all easy! Let’s explore the stories behind their success! 

Innovative from the start! 

Pirelli tyres  revolutionized the relationship between car and driver and they are  ahead of technological innovations. A company that has been one of the main instigators of change in the automotive industry since 1872. Even before cars began to take precedence over other forms of transport, Giovanni Battista Pirelli, the founder of Pirelli tyres in Milan, after a lot of innovations in the preparation of materials and manufacture of tyres, could successfully launch the first-ever rubber tyre for velocipedes in the year 1894. 

In early 1894, Pirelli patented a new production method, that resolves various insignificant problems of keeping tyres on wheels simultaneously making it easier to fit. He named this system as “Milano”, which achieved notable success in foreign markets. It was originally designed for bicycles but could also be used for cars and motorbikes.  Gradually, with the rise of a new century, and with the emergence of the first Italian car industry, Pirelli got involved, in manufacturing its first patent for car tyres and produced “Ercole” which turned out to be another success story and added another feather in the crown.  

The roaring tyres of the 1920s! 
The production of car tyres began with growth specifically based on two major factors:  

  • Care for technological development of processes and products 
  • The support of an ongoing commitment in racing, and strong geographic expansion.  

However, the technological evolution in the industry not only improved methods of production but also improved research on new materials, control systems, and machinery, which included great scientific coordination and processes. This led to the creation of “Superflex” tyres in the year 1924, which marked the beginning of a new range of low-pressure tyres which were both lighter and more comfortable.  

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The birth of low profile tyres 

Another great revolution was brought by Pirelli in the late 1970s who successfully introduced “low profile tyres” especially for rally car racing with the help of its technological advancement by providing much better speed while entering and conducting corners. From the “Superflex” tyres of the 1920s to low profile tyres for motorsport, requiring a level of performance research, Pirelli transformed the entire structure of the tyre, making it significantly more resistant to wear and tear. These are just a few points of their journey through the Pirelli brand from its earliest tyres, that was strictly black, to the current colored tyres which maintain a constant level with the driver. 

The birth of the wide radial tyres! 

Pirelli has always been on the cutting edge of technology, after inventing the Superflex sports tyre in 1927, the Cinturato radial tyre in 1948 and then the wide radial tyre in 1974. Yes, each of these tyres was a leap in modern technology, especially the wide radial tyre. After five long years of constant experimentation, the manufacturers were able to design a tyre with a robust textile belt which was placed between tread and carcass to provide far greater resistance to wear and tear. This marked the birth of the wide radial wheels which was destined to revolutionize tyre industry. 

High-speed models and simulation!

Motor racing competitions have not only helped Pirelli to develop new products which in turn has helped the tyre industry to revolutionize but also to create increasingly innovative simulation and design techniques so far. Since 1872 till today, with the use of the high level of technology, Pirelli with the constant use of innovations is successfully ruling the tyre industry by manufacturing tyres that are providing: much-desired performance, a different feeling for the road and communication with the driver, allowing a greater understanding of the vehicle’s performance.

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