The Most Beautiful Beaches Which Make Barbados A Must Visit Place

Barbados is a very famous Caribbean destination due to its beaches. It is home to over 100 world class beaches. Some of them are so famous that people visit these from all across the world. A lot of bookings are made of American Airlines cheap flights to Barbados all around the year, making it significant that people Barbados is a popular tourist destination. While there are many beaches on Barbados, the following five beaches are worth visiting at any cost.

Top 5 beaches of Barbados  

Silver Sands

Silver Sands

Silver Sands beach of Barbados has been recognized as a world-class beach, known to host the best windsurfing, surfing, and kite surfing activities. It is located on the Southern coast of Barbados and offers affordable accommodations at resort right on the beach. It is a popular beach among its visitors for the fact that it hosts “The Waterman Festival” which is an annual event, happening on the beach since 1989. In addition to all of it, the beach is also known for its pristine beauty, quiet and calm atmosphere.

Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay is characterized by white sand, coconut palms, and the crystalline waters. Since, it is located far from the large-scale development of Barbados’ other beaches, it has become a much popular spot for picnic. You can only find sand all around, and it is advisable to carry your own food and drinks because you will find no hawkers and shops there. People often spot whales and turtles when they look into the ocean from top of the cliffs.

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crane beach

What we today know as a Crane beach was once a harbor! It is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Barbados.  It offers incredible beautiful natural scenery and access to number of facilities such as fantastic bars and restaurants where people love spending their times over foods and drinks. Besides, it is known as an ideal beach where beginners can try and learn body surfing because the waves are not that rough.  It mainly attracts crowds during the evening when people gather to enjoy their refreshing cocktails watching sunset.

Mullins Bay

Mullins Bay

Mullins Bay is regarded as Barbados’s top snorkeling beaches. The snorkels get to see the island’s marine life very closely. People also spot sea turtles swimming near the beach’s rock formations. Besides snorkels, this beach sees a crowd of a variety of other people who visit this beach for rest and relaxation.

Carlisle Bay

carlisle bay

Carlisle Bay is located next to the capital city of Bridgetown, and it is considered as a perfect destination for the people who like relaxing looking out onto the water. People also prefer this place for a late afternoon swim followed by delicious meals at luxurious restaurants near the beach.  From colorful corals to gigantic ship anchors – a true beach explorer can find a variety of sights on the ocean floor.

You can book American Airlines cheap tickets to Barbados and experience the relaxing bays and endless beautiful corals because wherever you go in Barbados, you get to see a beach waiting to welcome you.

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