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The Right Kind of Zellij Pool Tiles For Your Pool

Are you in the hotel business? Do you know a hotel line? Are you working towards building your own backyard pool at your summer house? Here’s a way to jazz up your pool needs and keep the pool looking excited and ready for the summer vacation period. Get Moroccan pool tiles.

Why Choose Moroccan Tile?

Moroccan tiles are a timeless piece of work that has become very popular in most corners of the world. Nowadays, every high end – luxury hotels, spas, and even resorts opt to use Moroccan tiles as they look timeless, interesting, and never fail to impress the guests. In 711 A.D, when the Moors conquered Spain, they were introduced to this new technique of painting on a ceramic called the Zellige. This form of painting comprised of various geometric shapes, and the Europeans began to see the appeal in these kinds of paintings.

The Moroccans began to use this form of painting as well – they have their origins set in the Islamic regions strong in their Muslim traditions and beliefs. Islam religion forbids artists from painting living figures, and thus they began to further their artistry through painting shapes and lines. Thus was born the culture of Zellige Moroccan Tiles.

Benefits of Using these Moroccan Pool Tiles:

  1. They compliment all style forms – No matter what kind of style you choose, you will be able to adapt to different kinds of Moroccan tiles according to your personal style. This might have been a major cause for worry for those who own luxury hotels – no longer! Moroccan pool tiles are available in various styles, colors, and shapes, keeping your personal branding style in mind.
  2. They make a good Accent Piece: Moroccan tiles come in various price ranges – some cost very less and some way too much. If you, as a hotelier or a homeowner, are looking to buy the high-end, intricate designs that cost way too much, you could opt to use them as accent pieces in your pool. Like maybe just use the tiles on the pool floor and stairs rather than covering the whole pool with these expensive Moroccan tiles.
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Types of Moroccan Pool Tiles Trends

  1. Patterned Mosaics: Those who love an intricate patterned or a mosaic design – there are far too many designs available for you. They make a very bold statement. You could go for the classic monochromatic look.
  2. Full Tile: Hotel owners with pools can opt for a full tiling option when it comes to putting in new pool tiles. It would make it look extremely luxurious like that of a resort. Plus point – it is easier to clean than cleaning a cemented pool flooring.
  3. Neutral Colours: Those who don’t prefer to go for bright colored mosaic tiles, you could always opt to go for more neutral colored Moroccan pool tiles such as; taupe, eggshell white, or soft pastel colors.
  4. Anti-Slip Tiles: For safety purposes and to avoid accidental slips while getting into the pool, opt for buying Moroccan pool tiles that are anti-slip.

This is the right way to go about buying the perfect zellij pool tile for your Moroccan pool tile needs in the coming future. You will be pleased as a hotelier or even a pool owner in your backyard.