The Subjects Studied In MBA And About MBA Course

MBA is a management course studied after completing graduation. It means the Master’s in Business Administration. This course is usually studied after graduation and the students should pass an entrance test before seeking for admission. If their score is higher, then they can secure admission in any reputed institutions across the world. Today, some students study MBA even after completing professional degrees such as engineering. This degree leads to higher positions in any organization. The students can choose their own area of specialization such as HR, finance, IT, international business, accounting, etc. So, what is mba all about, it is about the management study.

Areas of specialization in MBA

In MBA, the students can choose their own major subjects and they can accordingly build their career by studying these subjects. The students, who want to build their career as an HR in any organization, can choose HR as their major subjects in MBA. So, they can study about various aspects of HR such as preparation of payroll, recruitment cycle phase, evaluation of candidates and planning, scheduling, preparing action plans etc. they are taught to build their general management skills and some aspects of strategic management including the legal aspects. If they choose finance as their subject, then they study about various aspects such as accounting, financial management, investment portfolio, hedge fund management, fundraising concepts, disbursements, international finance and their laws, etc. So, some of the students even choose accounting subject and they should study about different types of accounting aspects such as cost accounting, financial accounting, laws related to accounting, etc. What is mba all about, it is about the course that leads a student to higher positions in any organizations.

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About MBA program

In MBA, the students study not only about the theoretical aspects, but also the real-life application of these subjects. The students are provided with study materials and also several interactive sessions are conducted to them. The students can learn how the aspects are applied to the organization. They should attend some internship program to gain real-life experience of these subjects. The career for MBA students is lucrative as they can be positioned in blue-chip or well-known organizations with a high salary.

The students should score minimum 50% in their graduation and should pass the entrance test.

MBA coaching

To pass the entrance tests, the students should enroll for a training program. The mentors can help them to study well for the examination. They conduct several doubt-clearing sessions so that they clear every doubt. They can avail study material required to prepare for the exam. So, they can be prepared for the exam thoroughly.

MBA exam

The students should apply for the online examination which is conducted for 3 hours. This test is conducted for 60 minutes in each section. The students should attempt the questions of quantitative ability, reading and comprehension and verbal ability. They should also study the aspects of logical reasoning and data interpretation. The score of the MBA is accessed by the top business schools. The students can get placed in top organizations across the world.

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