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The ultimate guide join the most recognized university in Uganda!

There are many well known online platforms that have been helping the parents and students by giving them well-researched information about the top private universities in Uganda. The main objective of these online platforms is to provide everyone with an opportunity to make decisions collectively on which course or institution to go to, for higher education. The same goes for the universities too as they can show what they have to offer to the students. Whether you are looking for a course that would get you hired upon graduation or ways to finance your education, you have all the guidance right below about how to get into the recognized universities in Uganda. Have a look!

Recognized universities of Uganda should meet uniRank selection criteria!

While searching for the top universities in Uganda, the first thing you need to check is that if the university in which you are planning to take admission meets following uniRank selection criteria:

  • Check if the university is being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate Ugandan higher education-related organization.
  • Does the university offer at least four-year undergraduate degrees or postgraduate degrees?
  • If the universities deliver courses in a traditional, face-to-face, or distance form of learning?

Check if the courses of the recognized Universities of Uganda are accredited?

Accreditations are a process of validation in which colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning are evaluated. Thus when getting enrolled in one of the recognized universities in Uganda, check whether the courses you choose to study are accredited. Civil service or other reputed companies do not accept any students who pursue unaccredited academic degrees or other qualifications from any unaccredited institutions. 

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Check if the recognized Universities of Uganda offer you scholarship programs

Scholarships are not just for high school students. They are available to college students of all ages — and throughout all years of continued education. The search for scholarships in one of the recognized universities in Uganda continues even after you graduate high school, all the way until your final year in college. These scholarships can help you decrease your debt and increase your education fund. 

Do the recognized universities of Uganda offer you the basic skills to get hired by reputed companies?

Jobs are given to those individuals who successfully meet the demand of potential employers based on prescribed specifications and qualifications. If the recognized universities in Uganda provide you with basic skills, such as having a core knowledge about a particular subject, having practical knowledge more than theories, having hands-on experience with respect to the subject and being confident while answering to the interviewer, chances are high that you may get selected by a well-reputed company. As most of the reputed companies select their candidates based on their demands like writing applications, doing theoretical, practical and face to face interviews. These basic skills empower the individual to crack a certain level of global competitiveness.

Select the recognized Universities of Uganda that give you proper training and retraining when you need it!

Talent is not enough without basic skills, training, and re-training as per your needs in any recognized universities in Uganda. Job opportunity also depends on individual performance based on one’s level of knowledge. And where do you get the knowledge from? Of course, by getting well trained in that particular subject. It’s because training is the only way by which you get hands-on experience of your course work and can even ask for re-training if you find any need for more practice on the same.

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The recognized Universities of Uganda should have electronic funds transfer as the mode of transacting money!

EFT is one such channel through which you can pay the university fees. This involves transferring money from one financial institution to another through computer-based systems. Nowadays most of the recognized universities in Uganda are embracing this technology. This EFT mode of the transaction helps people in many ways. This payment system helps parents to transfer large amounts of money to the bank. Moreover, the system is so fast that you do not have to wait for several days for the money to be remitted to the university account.

Admission requirements for the recognized universities of Uganda!

  • For the Bachelor’s degree

Most of the recognized universities of Uganda ask for the following requirements:

1) At least 5 passes at the Uganda certificate education that you have obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.

2)At least 2 principal passes at the Uganda advanced certificate education obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent.

  • For the Ordinary diploma program

For most of the recognized universities in Uganda, you need to have

1) At least 5 passes at the Uganda certificate of education.

2)At least one principal pass and two subsidiary pass obtained at the same thing.

3) You must obtain a second-class certificate at the foundation program.

  • For the ordinary certificate program

The minimum entry requirement for admission to one of the recognized universities in Uganda is an Uganda certificate of education with at least 5 passes.

  • For Master’s degree
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To apply for a master’s degree in one of the recognized universities in Uganda you need to obtain a second class lower division degree from a recognized university. If you have a third class degree then it must satisfy the relevant department and the board of postgraduate studies to get admission to the recognized university for higher studies.

These are the most useful tips you should keep in mind before you search for the most recognized public universities in Uganda. If you are planning to get admission to the top private universities in Uganda, then do keep The Cavendish University of Uganda, at the top of your priority list. The Cavendish University is one of the leading Private Universities in Uganda, established in 2008, is licensed and accredited by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education. From giving basic skills to students to giving them both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject, from providing them training to giving them retraining as per students’ needs, Cavendish University has it all. The Cavendish university has a large student population coming from all over the world, follows a student-centric academic model that deploys global best practices in teaching and learning and is aimed at fulfilling the mission of the university -transforming students into responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens. So if you are really interested to see yourself placed in one of the reputed companies then click here to apply without wasting much of your time!