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The Various Benefits Of Choosing Evaporative Cooling Above Air Conditioning System

Comfort and safety are the prime concern of every business whether industrial or retail. It is not necessary to be technically minded but you need to ensure that the heating and cooling system in the work premise function as per the expectation or as designated. If you are into food industry, you must make sure that the refrigeration system works properly. Evaporative cooling is environment-friendly, it does not make any noise while cooling your living zone and it does not pollute the living environment in any way.

Why Would You Opt For Evaporative Cooling Techniques For All Your Domestic Needs?

When someone suggests you evaporative cooling for your premise, you may turn blank thinking what it is and how can it benefit you. Indeed, the cooling method is self-explanatory. The technique of water evaporation is being utilized to cool a premise. For this, moistened pads and cloths are utilized. Air from outside will have to pass through these moist cloth and pads, and henceforth, water evaporates to give cool air to the room or area where coolant is required.

What Is The Difference Between Evaporative Cooling And Air Conditioning System?

Wondering wherein lays the difference between air conditioning system and evaporative cooling? When an air conditioner uses the air from the indoors or air already there in the space, evaporative cooling draws air from outside and cools it. You may now think which water that remains and that which is not completely evaporated to cool the area in the evaporative cooling system.

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Major Perks Associated With Evaporative Cooling

This method of cooling can also benefit your business. The first and foremost benefit is that it is an energy-efficient method of cooling the interior. The best part is that it does not use the same level of electricity as used by an air conditioner. The installation charge is also less. Another benefit is that the air remains more humid when compared to the conventional cooling system. It will make you more comfortable indoors. So, you must consider spending money on evaporative cooling system. If your office is located in a dry area, then it is even more beneficial to have this sort of cooling system.

The Installation Cost Is Far Lower If You Go For Evaporative Cooling Technique:

When it comes to the installation cost in the initial stage, it is far lower. Both split system and rooftop AC costs more money due to the government mandated minimum efficiency level. Brands and companies have to spend more money to upgrade refrigerant, the cabinet size and other components. So, the price of the AC unit also rises higher and higher. A usual rooftop AC can cost you $6000 while an evaporative cooling system may cost you just $1500. So, you can see the price difference.

Evaporative Technology: The Green Cooling System

Yes! Evaporative cooling system is the green cooling technology. It is green technology for it uses electricity which is 90% less than conventional cooling. For the cooling process, there is no use of chemical refrigerant. So, when chemical refrigerant is not used, there is no ozone depletion in the process. There is no harmful refrigerant mingling into the air.

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It also adds moisture to the air. When the air is moist, it feels more comfortable. This is even more required in areas experiencing dry climate. In contrast to this, an air conditioner gets rid of moisture from the air.

An evaporative cooling is still much ahead of air conditioning unit. It is energy efficient and pollution free at the same time. Nowadays, almost in all countries which are susceptible to heat waves and sporadic temperature ranges, people are opting for high quality evaporative coolers. Even desert coolers are in no way a match to evaporative cooling.

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