Vitamins for ED

The Vitamin You Need So You’re Penis Can Perform

Erectile dysfunction is a growing sexual issue in males these days. It can affect any male in adult life. Earlier it was believed that only after a certain age, males can face the erectile dysfunction, but now males in 30s and 40s are dealing the prospect of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is treated with use of drugs like Viagra 150mg, which increase the blood flow towards the sexual organ of males to give him a hard erection. But some males prefer the change in diet to get the cure to the erectile dysfunction. This includes increasing vitamin intake in foods to naturally get the ability to have blood flow towards the sexual organ.

Vitamins to overcome erectile issues forever

The best method is to use the vitamins in food to reduce dependence on any erectile dysfunction. All of the vitamins that are required to have a normal erection are found in many veg and non veg items that are easily available in the market. With the regular dose of vitamins in form of food, one gets rid of erectile issue.

Vitamin B and its varieties, which are known as vitamin B complex, have a positive impact on the sexual health of a male. All vitamins of B complex play a vital role in preserving the erectile ability of a male. Vitamin B 3 removes the cholesterol in the blood vessels. The blood supply increases to help a male get the erection for an intercourse with a female partner. Both non veg and veg items such as tuna, peanuts, and liver are the rich source of this vitamin.

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Vitamin B6, on the other hand, increases the ability to enjoy the intimate moments by boosting our neurons that give us sexual satisfaction. The general body weakness, fatigue, muscles weakness are the deficiencies of vitamin B6. Eggs, daily products, liver, melon, cabbage, carrots, porridge, green pepper are some sources of the vitamin B 6 .

Vitamin 12 B has a direct link with the erectile and infertility. It is responsible for formation of DNA, promotes the formation of red blood cells, brain function, and supports sexual function in males. This vitamin also plays an important role in production of health sperm. Its role also assumes significance, as it ensures blood circulation and protects the penis nerves.  Meat products, such as kidney, liver, heart, cheese, seafood, and poultry should be consumed regularly to ensure an excellent sexual health.

Vitamin B1 supports the males in coping with the declining libido. Beans, peanuts, whole meal bread, walnut, liver, heart, kidney, milk, yogurt, egg and porridge must be part of your diet to avoid the deficiency of the vitamin B1.

Vitamin B2 is considered the source of sexual energy and vitality. Its deficiency leads to decline in blood circulation towards the sexual organ, weaken penis muscles, etc. Increase the intake of eggs, liver, meat, kidney, meat and fish, dairy products and cheese and green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli.

Vitamin B5 is an excellent vitamin for Testosterone Production. It also gives a boost to the sexual energy of a male. It enhances the sexual arousal, supports erection, and increases the sperm count. Include meant, liver, kidney, eggs, green vegetables, nuts in your diet to ensure a fine sexual health.

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Other vitamins such a B7 and B 9 boost libido and sperm production respectively. Take these vitamins in your diet and gradually you will see less need for erectile dysfunction drugs. But for instant erection ability, you need medicines like Levitra 40 mg. it is a powerful drug that gives a hard erection in 45-60 minutes.  It will help you to sustain the erection once an erection is achieved.  It is right that you need sexual stimulation for a hard erection, but once you are able to achieve the erection, you can sustain it for a complete sexual experience.

Some males do not like to idea of instant need for drugs for erectile issue, they want something that gives them spontaneous sex ability. For them, the Cialis 20mg is the perfect dose. It retains its impact for long 36 hours to give you the ability to have spontaneous sex within that period. But for safe use and experience, it is always suggested by experts to adhere to the suggestions of your doctor. The suggestions will keep side-effects minimize, and enhance the pleasure for you.

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