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Things to Consider When Buying a Cooler to save electricity

When our daily expenses are increasing day by day, we need to apply all the possibilities to cut down the budget to cope up with the situation. On the other hand, the weather all through the year shows its extreme nature. The summer has become unbearable due to extensive pollution and an increasing population.

In this way, buying Room Air Cooler is not a choice anymore, but a compulsory step. Only it can help us to give some fresh air of relief when the world is fuming with heat.

However, while buying any new appliance for your home, apart from considering the features, model, and color, you have to look after the energy efficiency side also. There are a few things that you must check while buying the air cooler to make it an energy-efficient step.

Climate: It is an important point of the rulebook of cooler buying that everybody should know. There are so many varieties of Room Air Cooler and you need the select the one that is suitable for your local climate. Depending on the weather you have to select between dessert and portable cooler.

The dessert cooler is an ideal choice for indoor as the mechanism supports the cooling solution for indoor only. It can easily cool down a large hall in a dry summer. On the other hand, the portable cooler is the ideal choice for a small apartment or bedroom where they need minimum electricity to run it.

Energy Efficiency: While purchasing the air cooler, you should always go for the branded ones. Most of the branded air coolers come with energy efficiency ratings. You need to select the model that has maximum stars as it will consume less energy to run the motor.

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Features: If you reside in super dry and hot weather, then check for the special features that will help you to cool down quickly. For example, many updated models of air coolers are coming with the features of an icebox where you can add ice to chill the evaporating water. In this way, it will take less time and energy to make a room cool instantly.

Inverter Compatibility: Earlier the bulky coolers required more power to run the full system. However, the models are more energy-efficient and that’s why; these are compatible with an inverter as well. The power cut is quite a common incident during the summer month and it should be considered as a huge benefit.

Portability: If you are wondering how the portability can help you to save energy, then let us explain it here. If your air cooler has the portability feature then you don’t need to buy several appliances but one can be used in different spaces.

Design: To give optimal performance, the cooler pad should be 90 mm thick that will help you to give chill air. It must have the regulator to control the speed of the fan so that it will not waste electricity. There must be a water level controller that helps the cooler work effectively.

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