Things to know before camping in the Aconcagua Provincial Park

In the Aconcagua Provincial Park, you can find the highest mountains in America and also in the Western Hemisphere. There a lot of trekking activities take place each day. If you are also one of those adventure devotees, then you must not hesitate to visit this area of the Andean Mountain Range for the outdoors hiking.

In order to visit the most amazing place on this planet, people often choose the Aconcagua hike as their ultimate family vacation or an amazing trip with friends. This city of Mendoza is located at the foot of Andean Mountains and this is the place where is the highest summit of America, the Aconcagua. The mountain is of more than 6900 meters of height and because of this, this is one of the main attractions of the zone for climbers from around the world.

The time, this city of Mendoza was discovered, the colonizers were literally surprised because of the artificial channels that have been created by the natives of this zone. The natives actually found out the way to improve the use of water in a dry land. In short, it can be said that the Mendoza is an oasis city that has the same channels by using the waters of Mendoza river.

This river runs across the streets while watering hundreds of trees that have been planted to avoid the water’s evaporation. Because of this reason, another beautiful creation was created one of the symbols of this beautiful city known as San Martin General Park. This park has been created with species brought from different parts of the world.

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The trees have also given their names to many streets and avenues at Mendoza city. Such as Los Platanos and Las Palmeras. Inside of the town, there are signalized Pedestrian Circuits for the visitors to walk through them and discover the wonderful gardens, parks, and squares. The city also has some great architecture and decorative elements, which have been brought from Europe.

At the top of La Gloria Hill, there is also a monument in honor of the Andean Army and this monument has the best panoramic view of the city. On the slopes, there is a zoo. The city has a little downtown as it is full of beautiful coffee shops under the trees along with the artisan fairs and markets in order to enjoy with local fruits, vegetables and meats that are best of quality.

In the park area, you will find a great variety of proposals, which are different in the number of days of sightseeing. The favorite of Aconcagua hike to the glaciers of Plaza Francia. The walks normally take approximately 4 to 6 hours. People who practice trekking require to know the exact items they need to take unlike the professionals.

It is important to know in beforehand as most of the time, we take a lot of items with us on hiking, but unfortunately we do not use some of them. So, it is better to know and keep the things back that can make us feel regretting afterwards. One of the most recommended items should be an igloo tent, a sleeping bag, an insulating mat along with an adequate backpack with a minimum volume of 70 liters.

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