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Three Content Optimization Techniques To Get More Traffic

Marketing has always been a function of content. When newspapers and TV ads were the dominant form of marketing, ad agencies used to have copywriters and creative directors to frame the write content narrative for the brand.

Now, we have content writers in the age of digital marketing. The importance of content has not budged an inch. Marketing campaigns still cannot function as they are supposed to if the right content narrative is missing. Furthermore, the need for consistent content optimization has been a key priority for digital marketers in recent years.

What does content optimization really mean?

In digital marketing, content plays a key role. Content writing is the process of creating content. This content is then handed off to SEOs who publish this content with the aim to rank it how on the keyword query it is targeting.

Content optimization refers to the process which involves making changes to existing content in order to make it more optimal for search engine discovery and ranking. As a topic, it is covered as a key topic in most digital marketing courses across the board.

In this article, we discuss three content optimization tips that can help SEOs get more traffic to the website.

Stop Keyword Cannibalization

If you’re running a website that has more than a hundred blog posts, there is a very good chance some of them are overlapping a lot topically and in terms of keywords.

Due to this overlap, a search engine like Google is not able to recognize which blog post it is supposed to rank in SERPs. Given the fact that Google no longer displays multiple search results from the same domain, if it is not able to recognize one clear blog post for a given keyword, it will not rank any of your content.

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Thus, the first content optimization tip you should follow is to stop keyword cannibalization and increase traffic instantly.

Make Sure Title is Attractive

People love a good title. In case you rank on the first page for a popular search query but your CTR is low, chances are that the page title is not up to the mark. One of the best things you can do to see an instant increase in traffic is to go back and update all your existing page titles to something more relevant.

Add Depth to Your Content

Why do people like Wikipedia?

Whenever we read about a topic on Wikipedia, we have an implicit belief that Wikipedia has covered every facet of the topic.

People should feel the same way about your content.

Never hold anything back from your audience. Write content that covers every perspective of a topic and establish a strong reputation for yourself in the market.

In Conclusion

Content is not the only important part of running a successful website. However, it is certainly a key cog in a machine trying to get more traffic and page views. Content optimality is an important goal for anyone running a website with the aim to get more people to come to the platform. In this article, we covered some content optimization techniques which help bring more traffic.

About the Author – Karishma Pal is a content writing expert currently working as a trainer at Eduburg. One of the most trust names in digital marketing, Eduburg has been around for more than a decade. Its digital marketing course in Delhi is still a trusted option.

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