Tinder vs Happn Comparing the Two Dating App features

Dating apps are increasingly becoming popular in this digital age where people find it difficult to get some free time to meet and woo the opposite sex in the more traditional sense.

In such a situation, a dating app gives you that window of opportunity to connect with a potential match online.

Since the concept of dating app was first introduced, it has changed a lot to keep pace with the increasing demand of the people who use them to find their soulmate.

The dating app features are continuously updated to make the apps more popular amongst the users.

When we are talking about dating apps, then we must mention the granddaddy of them all, Tinder.

Even this iconic mobile dating app has evolved over time and the Tinder features list has undergone a massive change.

Like Tinder, many other dating apps have also tried to enter this market by offering a different experience than what a user will find when using the Tinder dating app.

One such app that is making quite a wave amongst its users is the Happn dating app.

While this app also advertises itself as a dating app, it mainly focuses on identifying and pairing those peoples who have crossed the path in their real lives so that the chances of striking a relationship improves dramatically.

In this blog, we will share with you some major points of differences between the Happn and Tinder features.

1). The signing up process: When we talk about the difference between Tinder and Happn let us start from the signing process itself.

Both these apps are extremely easy to use and you can download them to your smartphone without any major hassle.

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Signing up is also quite easy and you can get registered on these apps through your Facebook or Google accounts.

This allows these two apps to import your Facebook profile data so that you are ready to start finding your match once you get registered.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any Facebook account, then these two apps give you the opportunity to get registered by using your phone number.

2). Cost: If you want to use the basic plan of Tinder, then you do not have to pay any money.

However, the downside of using this plan is that Tinder will restrict you to use only a few features and you get only a limited number of likes per day.

In the basic pack, you also have to see some advertisements when you are using this app.

However, there is also a premium plan called Tinder Plus, where you have to pay $10 per month if you are under the age of 30 years and $20 if your age is more than 30 years.

The premium account allows you to send five super likes and get an advertisement free experience.

Furthermore, this premium plan permits you to change the location of your city to any part of the world without physically being there.

The pay plan also offers you unrestricted access to like as many profiles as you can and once every month the Tinder algorithm puts your profile amongst the top profiles for 30 minutes, which increases your chance to find your soulmate dramatically.

If you are looking for something extra, then you can try out the Tinder Gold plan where you have to pay $ 5 per month extra over the Tinder Plus subscription plan to get all the advantages of the Tinder Plus subscriber along with some additional ones.

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The additional features authorize you to see the profile of those people who have swiped right on your profile.

If you like anyone (who swiped right on your profile), then you can send a message instantly.

This plan also gives you a profile of 4 to 10 people whose compatibility with you is very high.

Compared to Tinder, Happn also has a free as well as a premium plan. Just like Tinder, the free plan has only basic features.

The premium plan of Happn costs $25 per month. If you take a six-month subscription, then the rate is $ 15 per month.

This rate can be brought down even further to $ 10 per month if you take a one-year subscription of Happn.

In the premium plan, you will get five credits daily that will allow you to send charms to people who you find interesting so that they can notice you.

These charms can also be used to respond to any profile on this platform with whom you have crossed the path in real life.

The premium plan is also advertisement free.

3). Matchmaking: Tinder has a huge subscription base (more than 50 million) compared to Happn (which has only 20 million subscribers).

In Tinder, the algorithm tries to match you with other potential profiles based on your location and interests. To get their further details, you have to go through their profile.

To accept, you have to swipe right on the profile and to reject you have to swipe left.

Only after the other person likes you, then you will be able to message each other. There is no provision of a chat unless both sides like each other’s profile.

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The Happn dating app on the other hand continuously updates your profile and looks for those amongst its registered user base who have crossed paths with you or were in approximately the same location where you were at a time.

This makes this entire process more personalized. 

If you like somebody in the Happn, you have to tap the heart icon, and if you want to reject some profile, then you have to tap the X icon. There is no concept of swipe right to swipe left in this dating app.

However, just like Tinder, you can only message the other person if he/she also likes your profile.

In this app, if you like to get the attention of someone else, then you can send them a charm.

Furthermore, this app also has a feature called Crush Time, which will give you a chance to find out who likes you.

Compared to Tinder, the Happn dating app feels a lot more personal as matches you with the person with whom you crossed paths (within 250 m).


If you are looking for a simple hook up, then Tinder app is just right for you. However, if you are looking for a serious relationship, then Happn will help you find somebody who may well live near you and have similar lifestyles.

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