Tips and Tricks for a Vintage Kitchen Remodeling


What exactly is a vintage style kitchen?

The word means different things to different people. However, an overarching theme is all about nostalgia. Basically, it brings back those good old memories from older times, embracing rustic and retro elements. While certain aspects such as bright lights and glossy colours are common, the concept that you want to go for is pretty much up to you.

This is why, in this article, we are going to give you some neat ideas that you can pick from in order to bring that vintage charm to your kitchen.


The choice of units, such as cabinets, is one of the most important statements when it comes to your kitchen. You should pick simple ones with wooden worktops. A solid wood cabinet in pastel colours, with round doorknobs made out of hardwood, is certainly very charming in that vintage kind of way.

If you are aiming for more of a retro look, one of the best options out there is the good old “English Rose” kitchen style. It’s a classic design based on aluminium units. It was extremely popular back in the 1950s, particularly due to the fact that it was top-notch quality, having been made after World War II in factories that made Spitfire parts.


Backsplash can add a lot to the feel that you are aiming for. For example, you could go for tiled backsplash in pastel hue (blue and light green are a wonderful choice). You could also pick warmer colours, but it is very important that you match the backsplash with everything else in the kitchen.

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A common thing for vintage-looking kitchens is that they all look bright and clean, so your choice of tile and colour should follow that concept.



When it comes to the lights in the kitchen, task lighting is the most important aspect to have in mind. It is exactly the reason why pendant lights are so incredibly popular.What you can do is hang a couple of them right above the countertop. This will provide just the perfect lighting for your cooking, reminiscing of the old days when your grandma used to make those amazing meals.


In terms of flooring, it all depends on what kind of vintage style you are going for. Timber flooring is a very common choice due to many wonderful variations that go with a variety of different design styles. It’s a sound-absorbing material that you can finish any way you feel like.

Linoleum is also a great choice, being very cost-effective yet durable enough for a place where the members of the household pass through often. Furthermore, you mustn’t forget that the kitchen suffers from a whole lot of spills, meaning that the floor has to be able to endure pretty much anything.



Furthermore, fabrics are a very important element because of the texture that they add to the whole vintage look. You should look for tablecloths, blinds, curtains, and towels in bright floral patterns. You should pick appropriate combinations of colours, such as reds, pinks, and cyan. Or, if you want to go further back into the past and implement that 50s feel, then you can go for pastel colours, like yellow, green, or blue.

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Choosing the appropriate kind of sink is yet another thing that can affect the vintage feel of your kitchen. In fact, a very common choice is the farmhouse sink. It is a large and square sink that is often separated into two. In terms of material, people most often go for stainless steel or ceramic.

What is great about a farmhouse sink is that it’s big and therefore very practical. You can place a lot of things in it, and the fact that it’s square-shaped makes washing the dishes a significantly easier task.

Final words

Finally, you should consider an open concept design. If there was one thing that marked the kitchens from back in the 50s, it is the fact that you could see everything that you needed to see – the pans, dishes, and pots.

After all, it is, as we have already said, a matter of choice how far you want to go. But bringing vintage charm to your kitchen is worth it if you do it right.

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