Tips for Running an Optometry Practice (Business Advice for Optometrists) (2021)

Running an optometry practice is something that requires a lot of careful thought. Patients come to you with concern and anxiety about their eyes – from minor issues to potentially major ones like cataracts. Therefore, patients understandably want to experience a professional, relaxing appointment with you.

Through providing an excellent client experience, you will grow and maintain a healthy optometry practice – gaining a positive reputation within the industry.

Here are some useful tips for how you and your wonderful staff can run your practice professionally and efficiently.

Use the best devices for eye examinations

Optometrists are experts in eye exams – it is what you are trained to do. However, you are only as good as the equipment at your disposal. To be a consummate professional, you need to be using the best equipment available for optometrists – particularly your vision screener. Depisteo are expert providers of medical equipment for optometrists – make sure to visit them.

Focus on your office design

When it comes to health-related appointments, clients are often a tad nervous – and this is likely to be even more true in the post-COVID world. If your optometrist office is uninviting and cold, then this is not going to help. Clients want to feel welcome – not like they are in a science laboratory.  

It is important to look at your office design and make improvements where necessary. Here is what you should focus on:

  • Warm colors
  • Include some light-hearted artwork on the walls
  • Frame positive reviews so that patients can see them
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Give clients the opportunity to schedule appointments online

The communication methods between health professionals and clients are drastically changing. Now, phone and in-person bookings are becoming less popular as digital appointments take over. After all, it is what modern clients want. They would much rather have the convenience of grabbing their phone, opening your app or website, and choosing an available appointment time – rather than calling your reception only to be left on hold for an hour and then told there are no appointments available.

So, if you do not already offer an online booking service, you need to. Consider working with an app or website developer who will be able to create an online booking system for you – and do not worry, you will not have to break the bank for it either.  After the numerous lockdowns over the past year, where eye strain and fatigue has increased, it is likely you will notice a growth in appointment requests – so it is recommended you explore this avenue as soon as possible.

Instill values in your team

Your optometry practice team are beyond important – they are key to your daily operations and are the face of the practice. Therefore, they must have your values instilled in them so that they represent your business accordingly.

Friendliness, warmth, and putting the client above everything are 3 important values within the optometry industry.

From the reception area to when they walk into your office, clients need to experience these values. Make sure to greet them with a smile, address them by name, and provide immaculate service to them. Even the little things, like offering a glass of water or other beverage in the waiting area, go a long way and help to demonstrate your values as a practice.

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