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Tips to Become Experts in Clearing Blocked Drains

The reason behind blocked drains could be anything and such as a trapped hairball, plastic, extra garbage, etc. The worst happens when the garbage is stuck at a really deep point which is out of your reach. In such a situation, you can either call an expert or use you DIY tools to clean the drain.

How would you Clean your Blocked Drain with DIY Methods?

However, cleaning a drain with no experience can be a difficult task, especially if you are going to work alone. This is why we have provided you a set of tips which could come handy to you and help you in handling the situation just like experts in clearing blocked drains:

  • Boiled Water:

A number of times using boiled water to unclog drains works fabulously. As boiling water is great for dissolving things, it easy eases out the blockage and your drain becomes as good as new. This works best depending on the situation. However, the material on which you use the boiling water also matters. For instance, you cannot use boiled water for PVC pipes as this might affect the strength of the pipes.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate and White Vinegar:

Applying chemistry here can be a good idea to clean your drains. Experts in clearing blocked drains use the chemical reaction between baking soda and white vinegar which is strong and produces a lot of oxygen. All you have to do is put some vinegar into the blocked drain and put sodium bicarbonate instantly, and make sure to cover the drain so that the mixture doesn’t come out. Repeat the process a few times. Once done, flush the pipes using hot water.

  • Plunger:
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Experts in clearing blocked drains use a plunger for both, a clogged toilet and a clogged drain. While using the plunger, make sure to check any loose ends or openings so that a proper pressure can be created. The movement created using the plunger is great for unblocking drains. However, it works best for pipes that have solid blockages only. Deposits made out of chemicals, minerals, etc. cannot be removed using the plunger. You should try to pull out the deposited garbage from the drainage system and do not create pressure with plunger inside the drain. Else, it will clogged your drain completely and you cannot flush out the garbage anymore.

  • Snake wires:

This is a very common method that plumbers use for severely blocked pipes. This tool is made out of a snake-like wire which is flexible and has a coil at its one end. This coil is used to clear out blockages when it is put inside the drain. The coil has sharp edges which literally cut the blockages and make its way through. However, the wire is not that long usually and therefore, works best if the blockage is near the opening. Additionally, the sharp edges of the coil may damage your pipes. This requires a very precise and careful job and should be done under experts in clearing blocked drains.

  • Pressure jets:

If any of the above methods don’t work for you, try using pressure jets that provide water stream at a great pressure that’s strong enough to loosen the blockage and clear your pipes. Try to keep this method as your last resort as it is used by experts in clearing blocked drains only.

Clearing clogged drains and pipes might not be that difficult of a job is done right. Use the above-mentioned methods and clean your pipes without the need for an expert. The methods discussed here are mostly cheap and can be easily performed without being experts in clearing blocked drains.

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