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Tips to Enhance the Look of your Foyer

A foyer is the entrance of your home, condo or apartments. If it’s not welcoming, then it can form a bad impression on your guests. It speaks volumes about your style and personality. If you pay a visit to the offices near your location, you’d notice how much they focused on making the foyer beautiful.

A good foyer not only pleases the eye but also makes your place memorable. The way you decorate your entrance also spark your creative side. You can put your imagination into the objects, painting, or the things that invite your guests. 

Here are four tips that will enhance the look of your foyer and make it welcoming for your guests.

And do you know you can also increase the worth of your condo by investing your time and money on the foyer?

So, let’s start with these easy to adopt tips.

1.    A Welcoming Door

The door is the first thing a visitor notes about your foyer, so it should be bright, elegant and welcoming. Take a look at your condo and think about the door that will completely match the architecture – rotating doors, sliding doors or the folded ones. You can also add to the beauty by keeping a plant on the entrance or a signboard that greet visitors. A welcoming mat can also do wonders. Seasonal decorations are also appreciated that depicts the ongoing events like Halloween, Christmas, New Year or more. 

Taking notes from these ideas, you can filter the best one for you.

2.    Customize it

If the foyer belongs to your home, condo or apartment, you should look for ways to customize it. If you want to attract the visitors then you can tailor the decorations according to their needs. If your guests love the greenery then you can arrange a lush green view outside your foyer so visitors can feel like their home. And if it’s your home then you can be yourself in showing your creativity and making the impressions you want your visitors to have. 

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The best tip is to be yourself and you’ll come up with the ideas that will amaze your guests.

3.    Lightning

Lightning plays an important role in creating the look of your Foyer. With the growth in technology, lightning has also evolved to variations like smart lightning, LED, natural, dark and disco lightning. You can also invest in a pretty chandelier that’s good for yellow lightning and will also enhance the beauty of the location. If you want to keep the entryway dark that aligns with your condo theme then you can also do it, it will separate you from the ordinary ones.

The tip is to align the lightning with the look of your building. If you go opposite the look, things will look odd. 

4.    Furniture

The biggest mistake we do in decorating the foyer is to overwhelm it with the furniture that’s not the need for it. A small sofa, coffee table or cozy chairs for a few persons can help at this point. You can also go for colorful chairs if your theme allows with that. A mirror in front will also make your space bigger and will also enable guests to remodel themselves before entering your place. You can also add creative pieces of art and crafts that make the look stand out.

Apart from that, lush green natural plants are always the best to have. If you have a garden outside your entrance, then it will also be great for your foyer.  

Make your Own Entrance

Following the tips mentioned above and adding some bright ideas from the Internet, think about how you can get unique in celebrating your entryway. With the knowledge and research in your hands, your mind will think of ideas that will head beyond the game. Because there are a million ideas to embrace your foyer but you to choose one and the one you want should leave an everlasting memory on your visitors. Let them forget your hosting, but never let them forget your foyer. 

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