Tips To Enhance Your Child’s Cognitive Skills

A popular notion is that genetics influences a child’s IQ. Several factors, such as good nutrition, protection from toxins, playtime, and exercise, nurture a child’s intelligence. But can your child become even smarter? One way to enhance your child’s smarts is by giving them stimulating activity and enrolling them in early childhood education programs. In this way, they can meet different challenges that help them solve complex problems.

Enhance your child’s math, logic, and critical thinking

Experts say that a majority of kids have sub-par math skills because they were discouraged from enhancing their instinctual sense of numbers.

In logical thinking, numerous experiments suggest that instructing your child in critical thinking, which includes lessons on basic logic, testing hypothesis, and scientific reasoning, can improve a child’s IQ. However, such tasks are not yet included in the high school curriculum. What is worse is that the media and other influences do not train kids to think critically. When you enrol your child in early childhood education programs, they engage in plenty of exercises and activities that challenge their thinking, enhancing their logical and critical thinking skills.

Spatial intelligence

Spatial intelligence is vital for success in various fields such as physics, engineering, architecture, and visual arts. Your child’s performance and ability in spatial tasks have a hereditary component, but clearly, educational experiences have a significant impact.

Free choice

According to studies, kids have greater motivation and perform their best when they can choose what they want to do. This fact applies to American kids, but it is culture-specific. A research compared both Anglo-American and Asian American children. The American children thrived in tasks they had chosen for themselves. In contrast, Asian American children showed better motivation when they acted based on instructions from trusted authority figures or peers.

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Overall, there may be no one size fits all approach to learning. Some kids want their teachers to give them a free choice, while others find this approach disconcerting.

Toys and games enhance cognitive skill

According to research, there is evidence that playing action video games enhances spatial skills and can even aid dyslexic children to read. But keep in mind that the most old-fashioned toys result in optimum development.

For example, research reveals that toy blocks help improve spatial math problem solving and verbal skills.

Physical activity and intelligence

Although it may be intriguing and unexpected, physical activities such as aerobic exercise stimulate brain growth and improve a child’s ability to learn. Studies also reveal that moving the body helps kids to be more focused in school. However, there is a downside, to reap optimum benefits, the exercise or activity must be voluntary.


Playing enhances learning, memory, as well as the growth of the cerebral cortex. It also improves language development, spatial intelligence, as well as counterfactual reasoning. The challenges of play and different games also impacts your child’s mathematical skills.


You can make your child smarter if you use proper strategies to develop their intelligence. You might want to consider enrolling them in early childhood education programs where they can learn from scientifically designed modules, activities, and training that can vastly improve their cognitive skills.

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