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Tips to Get Maximum Credit Card Rewards Point When Shopping

Credit cards are one of the most crucial tools in today’s economy, especially owing to the multiple benefits at offer like rewards points, discounts, etc. While on one hand, easy finance during unforeseen situations are of immense help, it is these additional features which effectively reduce the financial burden of customers in the long run.

Consequently accumulation of reward points and strategizing their use is crucial so that customers can avail the maximum benefit from these features.

While deciding the best rewards credit card can be difficult without any fixed set of parameters, understanding a customer’s shopping preferences can effectively lead to the most rewarding one. Worth mentioning, few financial institutions and NBFCs have select credit cards on offer which have features and rewards that suit almost every type of use. Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard and its likes offer extensive rewards on every transaction, effectively accumulating points for their users.

To avail the maximum benefits of reward points, customers must understand how they can accumulate the most number of points against their expenditures. Once enough points are accumulated on their shopping credit card, they can redeem them according to their needs. Following are some crucial pointers on how to redeem credit card reward points along with the best strategies of accumulating them.

  • Choosing the right type This includes both the card as well as the types of rewards that are being accumulated. Vitally, customers should compare different cards before going on to apply for one. One should look up the details of reward point accumulation so that they can align their spending in a way to supplement the rewards.
  • Availing cash-backs – Cash-backs are often looked over by individuals while their main focus remains on credit card reward points. Customers must utilise the cash-back feature to benefit the most against their purchases.
  • Funnelling expenses through one card – Often customers own multiple credit cards which they use for different types of transactions. There are multiple cards which cater to specific areas of expense as well. Contrastingly, customers can consider channelling most of their transactions through one card. This essentially ensures that more reward points get accumulated on it.
  • Keeping tabs on dates: It is important that customers keep a strict tab on reward point’s redemption dates. Reward points awarded on shopping credit card usually comes with an expiry date; cardholders have to utilise the same within that given period.
  • Tracking change of offers and terms: Of the numerous simple tips to get the most out of a credit card, a crucial advice is to keep track of offers as well as terms and conditions regularly. While regular checking of updates on offer ensure that features are availed at their fullest, terms should be checked to learn about any addition or reduction of clauses.
  • Scrap unnecessary cards: Customers often own multiple cards amongst which they use only a few specific ones. It is better if they keep the select few which are necessary and scrap the others. This ensures they will not gather any reward points on those scrap cards which are bound not to reach the maturity benchmark.
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With tips to maximise reward points on credit cards along with detailed know-how on how to choose the right credit card for oneself, customers can easily select the most effective plan for themselves. Once a customer has selected his or her best rewards credit card, they can proceed with the application for the financial tool via the corresponding online portal.

Consequently, customers should also learn the details of checking a credit card statement so that they can effectively clear all dues within the repayment date. It will allow them to utilise their best rewards credit card while increasing their creditworthiness and credit score.

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