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Tips To Increase Productivity At Home Office

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. We have an entrepreneurial, do-it-yourself attitude people and extended work life is no exception. However, as much as we’d like to imagine that working from home means staying in our dressing downs and sitting on our laptops in bed, this is not a realistic or productive environment at all.

Instead, designating a part of the home and turning it into an office between the hours of 9 to 5 is a much better way to compartmentalize your home and work life and get a lot more work done. On that note, having a home office is a great opportunity to design an excellent work environment that is both comfortable, functional and suits your style.

In an office building, there is little to no room to customize your work environment, so make the most of being able to DIY the comfort of your own home office. It can be difficult to decorate a home office in a way that makes it both homely and efficient working space. Below are some of our top tips for striking the balance and creating the best working environment possible.

1. Lighting

A task light – for example, a desk lamp or wall light – is essential and should point directly at your work surface. If possible, place it partially behind your screen to offset screen glare and reduce eye strain. If your room has a large window, place your desk facing it and hang a mirror adjacent to the window to bounce light through the room.

If you don’t have a lot of natural light, or if you tend to work late, invest in a large statement lamp or hang two or three daylight bulbs from the ceiling above your workspace. Bulbs should be around the 2700-3500 K range. Units refer to color temperature and at this level, a bulb is firmly in the middle of warm and cool light.

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2. Maintain Exterior

If your home office is customer based who can visit your office area then you should also work to upgrade the exterior of your home office.

The entrance should be attractive so that your customers have a good first impression of your business. The exterior upgrade also includes maintaining your driveway in good condition.

If you observe any crack or potholes then fix it immediately by calling professionals such as asphalt companies Sydney. Then if you have a front garden, keep it in good condition. If your outer walls are looking dull then consider repainting them.

3. Add Plants

Plants can help to make an office feel more homely, as well as aiding creative thinking. They are also a natural endorphin. The ideal office plant is one that is low maintenance with air purifying qualities.

If you have enough space, place a tall standing plant in the corner, some hanging ivy in a colorful pot on the shelf or maybe some succulents which look great and require very little space or maintenance. If you are reluctant to commit to real plants, some fantastic fake options require no maintenance at all.

3. Walls

When styling your home office, try to introduce elements that will inspire and motivate you. These can include landscapes of meaningful places, family photos or motivational mantras. They should be placed to the side of the room so as not to distract you but to keep you motivated when your eyes stray from your screen and, if you are a fan of wallpaper, this should be kept to just one statement wall.

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Use color to your advantage. Light and neutral tones with injections of color work best. Softer blues can calm the mind while bright colors such as yellows and reds spark creativity and energy. Use in small areas, maybe in the form of a plant pot or a notebook, so you don’t overwhelm the eye. If you have a favorite color, incorporate it, too.

4. Furniture

When choosing your office chair, do not sacrifice comfort for style. Although you are in the comfort of your own home you should still use a swivel chair to create a clear distinction between your working area and the rest of the home. Think about practicality and ergonomics, ensure you find a chair with adjustable height, back support and padding.

If you are someone who works at a laptop and types all day, make sure your laptop screen sits at eye level so that you aren’t constantly looking down and straining your neck and back. In this situation, it can make things a lot easier to get a separate keyboard and mouse that you can have on a lower level to your screen so that you don’t strain your arms either.

5. Storage

It is important to maintain a productive work environment in the office. Keep shelving to a single wall and keep it tidy – this will be easier if the items you put on a shelf are not the ones you will be reaching for daily.

For day-to-day necessities, find a desk with some built-in storage or install a stylish filing cabinet. Of course, if all your files are kept on your computer, you may not need more than a desk drawer or two and shelving might be more for an aesthetic purpose.

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