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Top 10 Automobile Companies In USA 2022

All the cars that are imported around the world are manufactured in different factories like Kirchhoff Automotive Manchester. Automobile plants like these are responsible for manufacturing, fitting, and other relevant procedures necessary to put a car together.

It is through trade data that all of this collaboration is possible. The car in your driveway has parts from all over the world that are responsible for making it work. A lot of goods are assembled internationally, as reported by US import data.

Further, the numbers reveal that cars are the most diverse in terms of makeup and trade. This may be because of many reasons, such as cheaper production costs or favourable government policies.

10 Best Automobile Companies In USA For 2022


According to US import data, Toyota manufactures one of the most in-demand imported cars, the Toyota Camry. It is a consumer favourite in the US and one of the most imported cars. This, however, is followed closely by the Toyota Corolla, which is the second most imported car in the US.


While Honda has gone through many changes in the past year, there is still a demand for luxury vehicles by middle-class automotive buyers in Northern America. Even with the pandemic, the automobile sector is predicted to see an increase in sales in the coming months as everything returns to normal.


Nissan is another favourite among the middle class in America. It is also one of the many companies that order its parts from Kirchhoff Automotive Manchester. Proving that Nissan only wants the best parts for their cars and of course, their consumers.

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While the Fiat is in a relatively higher price range, consumers cannot get enough of the sleek styles and luxury that are accompanied by the product. The demand for Fiat’s automobiles is only increasing in the United States.


The Subaru is a car manufacturer that has the most of its market in the United States and Northern America. Subaru, as a company, values practicality and value, which is why it is bought by so many Americans every year.


Mazda is a legacy manufacturer that produces one of the most recognizable cars in America. The Mazda line is favoured among automotive buyers because of its style and grace. The sedans sold by Mazda are perfect for the quintessential middle-class consumer.


When you hear the name Chevrolet, your mind immediately goes to innovation, and there is a good reason for that. With the Camaro muscle car, Chevrolet is a real industry leader. In the future, Chevrolet hopes to move into the domain of SUVs and trucks which are much more profitable.


Volkswagen has long since recovered from the diesel gate. The multinational company has made a strong return to the market with consumer favourites like the Jetta Sedan. The mix of opulence and practicality is one of the cornerstones of the Volkswagen brand, and they never fail to deliver.


The past few years have left Ford investing all of its time into SUVs, and the market approves. Ford is one of the leading automobile brands in the SUV sector, which is just as well because they manufacture cars that last for years and even decades.

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The Hyundai Sonata has emerged as the stand-out car for Hyundai in 2021 and is one of the top-ranking cars of its class. With its sister brand, Kia Hyundai is making a big splash in the American market, especially in the affordable demographic.

How Does Kirchhoff Automotive Manchester Come Into The Picture?

All of these cars were manufactured internationally, with different components coming from all over the world. These components are made and assembled in factories like the Kirchhoff Automotive Manchester coming together with the help of trade data companies connecting exporters and importers.