Top 10 Framework That Fetch High Paying Jobs for Java Developers

Java language has manifested its versatility for both frontend and backend development. It has been more than a decade and Java software development services is still ruling the software development industry as the most loved programming language among coders.

But just like everything else, technology is changing rapidly and thus, it is crucial for every software coder to keep themselves upgraded so that their career graph rises exponentially and never saturates with a straight line.

Here comes 10 most sorted frameworks that every aspiring Java developer must know to get a high salaried job.

It is like the foundation framework for every Java developer, with quick and easy configurations and simple coding methods.

  • Apache Spark:

Apache Spark development service is currently gaining a lot of momentum in the software world. Its fast paced response and in-memory data processing, makes this big data framework the best choice for effective streaming, machine learning and API development.

  • Node.js:

Anyone who has worked with Javascript is well aware of the client side scripting codes that allows dynamic functions on the client side. Node.js allows you to run Javascript on the server side. An open source, cross platform Javascript, Node.js gives runtime ambience to execute Javascript on server side.

  • Angular Js:

AngularJS Development – A Javascript framework that provides effective client-side solution to create and design web pages. It offers declarative templates, dependency injection and end to end tooling for the best practices in web page design and integration.

Apart from Angular, React Js is a must learn for every developer. Maintained by Facebook, Instagram and communities of individual and corporate developers, React Js is a Javascript framework used to build and design interfaces.

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With knowledge of React Js, web developers can create massive web application with the flexibility to change over time without the need to reload the pages.

Nowadays, when mobile has made its presence felt in every aspect of our lives, a strong hold over Bootstrap framework is profitable for every Java developer. An open source front end framework, Bootstrap provides HTML and CSS based design templates to websites and applications.  

  • Spring Security 5:

Security is becoming one of the booming concerns in modern times. Spring Security 5 is the best security manager in Java world and it is pretty obvious that learning and updating your knowledge about spring security, can grab you a considerable recognition in the job market.

  • JQuery:

JQuery is like everything in a single box. This JavaScript framework eases out a lot of your time consuming tasks like client side scripting, animation, sending HTTP requests, reload pages and so much more. Learning JQuery will just take you deeper into the world of Java programming. 

  • Apache Hadoop:

Learning Apache Hadoop can take you closer to entering the most sensational technological and job markets like Big Data and Automation. Designed to scale up from single computers to thousands of machines, Hadoop development allows distributed processing of big data across a large network of computers with simple coded programs.

  • Spring 5.0:

No Java developer is unaware of the power of Spring framework, especially if you have been working for the back-end applications. The latest version released is the Spring 5.0 which further adds new salient attributes like Reactive Programming model and various adaptation of Java 8 and Java 9 features that would excite any developer to explore.

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Moreover, if you take an official course to skill up and acquire a Java Framework Certificate, it would bestow a new feather in your resume for the next great move you had been planning for.

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