Top 3 Best Hair Removal Treatments and How They Work

The issue of hair and its subsequent removal from our bodies has long remained a controversial topic of discussion. Some hair we remove and some we choose to keep, but let’s face it, hair can become annoying in the wrong places or if it grows too thick.

With so many options out there on the market, it can be tough to decide which will be the easiest and less painful hair removal treatment. You may even need a more complex routine if your skin is sensitive. Here are three of the best hair removal treatments that work and how you can start doing them today.

Sugar Concoction

Mostly just called sugaring, this treatment is natural and easy to apply. It works by mixing some sugar with lemon juice and water and applying it to the area you want to work on. This treatment has been around since the Egyptian days because it was easy to get a hold of the ingredients. It’s similar to waxing in that you can use it on any part of your body.

Sugaring is suitable for all types of skin and the combination of lemon juice and water does miracles to remove unwanted hair. It also reduces the growth of hair so you won’t need to do this treatment very often, maybe every five or six weeks.


Threading is another hair removal treatment that doesn’t require any tools other than your hands and some cotton string. It’s a semi-permanent solution that pulls your hair out at the roots so that it takes longer to grow back. The most common area on your body to use threading is the face, although it can be performed on any section.

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The treatment process is relatively pain-free as the threading helps to smoothly pull the hairs out rather than tugging at them. If you are interested in threading check out where you can book an appointment online.

Depilatory Treatments

Using the chemicals sodium hydroxide and thioglycolate, depilatory comes in creams that you spread on your arms or legs. It effectively melts the hair away, allowing you to wipe it off with some tissue. The chemicals work to dissolve the bonds that hold your hair and follicles together.

This treatment only takes a maximum of 15 minutes for the hair to fall off, and it can be used on the toughest and thickest hair in hard-to-reach places. The effects only last for about a week but it’s such a simple process that you can easily find a few minutes each week to apply the cream before you hop in the shower.

Unwanted hair is easy to remove with all the options available, but finding one that is effective for you can take some time. Start with more natural treatment solutions to find one that works for you and avoid procedures that hurt and irritate your skin. These three treatments are the cheapest and easiest around, and they are longer-lasting than other hair removal solutions.

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