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Top 3 myths about car battery debunked

Many car enthusiasts take on the role of giving you expert advice on car maintenance, on car battery maintenance tips, when to go in for a service or what you could do yourself. But not all of this advice is good advice, some of these are downright bad and can lead to some serious faults.

When it comes to car battery people especially have certain thoughts and advice that are treated as a universal fact, but it is a myth in reality.

Here are the top 5 myths about car battery replacement and maintenance and why they are such bad advice.

  1. Myth – Car battery has to last a certain amount of time, they have a fixed service life.

Fact: Although all batteries are designed to have a service life of about 5 years. It is only when all the necessary conditions for its care are met. Weather conditions of the location, proper installation of the car battery, how often the car is driven and for how long, whether the car battery services are done for proper upkeep – all these conditions determine the service life of the battery. The acid in the battery itself causes decay, which compromises the battery’s structure. Hence, the battery life is not a fixed number but it can be increased with timely maintenance, and ensure the battery goes through proper charge and discharge cycles.

2. Myth – Batteries tend to have a longer service life in hot or warmer climates

Fact: Hot weather conditions are more detrimental to car batteries rather than the cold weather. In hot climes, the water in the battery evapourates, increases corrosion. The best option is to use sturdy car batteries that can withstand the heat and not let the water evaporate. ZDegree is a car battery specialist in Dubai and they have a wide variety of car battery brands to choose from. Their expert technician will advise you on the right battery for your purpose.

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3. Myth – A jump-started car battery will recharge while driving.

Fact: This is a common mistaken notion. No amount of driving around will fully recharge a car battery, not even if the engine is left idling. The only way to recharge is through proper battery recharging equipment. By doing this, you prevent the wear and tear on the battery plus save the fuel as well. So, best to get to the nearest car battery shops like Zdegree to completely recharge your battery and if you need a car battery replacement, then you can easily choose any from the top car battery brands in the UAE.

In addition to all these, short stop-start trips, driving in extremely hot weather like that in Dubai, leaving corrosion build up on car battery terminals all hamper the battery functioning and reduce its service life. 
By consulting a battery specialist you can learn to properly maintain your car battery and increase the life span and reliability.

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