Top 5 Best Massages Styles In The World

There’s so many different and great massage styles that are performed all around the world. And getting a message once in a while will have many positive effects on your body. It can help reduce your stress, improving your sleep, enhancing your immune system, improve circulation, and much more. But not all styles have the same effects on your body. So now let’s have a look at the 5 best message styles in the entire world.

Number 1- Swedish Massage Style

This is definitely the most traditional and popular style in the United States. A Swedish massage is usually performed on a table, while the person receiving the massage is usually undressed in most cases.

This style has many benefits for your body, with the focus being circulation of your blood, and relieving stress. So this is the perfect style for people that are overly stressed in their lives, which is a lot of people.

Number 2- Hong Kong Massage Style

This particular style of Chinese massage is known to be a very relaxing, and comfortable. And this technique is designed to help clear your mind from any problems you might be dealing with, and bring a lot more peace into your life.

So Hong Kong massage style is meant for people that suffer from major stress, and are looking for a more positive and relaxing change in their lives.

Number 3- Deep Tissue Massage Style

This style is so much more intense than most styles, and requires a lot more pressure than most also. So because of that reason, it can get very painful at times. So this is a very useful style designed to breaks up specific points of tension in your body.

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This style i for people that have a lot of chronic muscular problems, or if you even just suffer from stress and anxiety. So this style will most likely relive a lot of your headaches, and muscle tension problems you might be dealing with.

Number 4- Thai Massage Style

This style is usually performed on the floor, in a mat of some kind. And this style is specially designed for people that love to do yoga. Your body will be twisted and turned in many directions and positions during this massage. And this style is also great for your joints, and improving your blood circulation all around your body.

Number 5- Sports Massage Style

This particular style is geared more towards athletes that suffer from injuries, or people that’re very active in their lives. This style is usually performed in one specific body parts at a time, and is targeted to a specific injury location that an athletes may be suffering an injury from.

So this style can also be very intense and painful at times, similar to a deep tissue massage style.

Final Thoughts

Many of these massage styles and techniques that originated in a specific country, are available worldwide nowadays. So in most cases, you don’t have to worry about finding a specific style of massage that you’re interested in. And depending on the style, your health and mental state can improve significantly.

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