Car Mechanical Services

Top 5 car mechanical services that you need to know as a car owner

  1. Regular fluid checks:

Always make sure to have a regular check on vehicle fluid levels such as car oil, transmission fluid and engine coolant. If you find any of these are running low, add the required fluids immediately. Failure to do so would lead to the engine failing due to overheating.

2. Regular oil changes

The oil is the life of your engine so before you start driving, ensure that the oil levels are sufficient to allow the engine to run smoothly. Also make sure to change the oil about every 3000 miles to experience the best performance of your engine and to avoid engine problems.

3. Check tyre pressures

Checking the amount of air in each of your car tires is the vital part of vehicle maintenance. Because with no proper tire pressure, it can lead to excess tyre wear and result in changing tires more often. Having too much air in the tires can blow out your car tires.

4. Check the engine air filter

Having a dirty air filter can also shorten the life of an engine and is also responsible for reducing the gasoline’s mileage of your car by up to 10%. You can also clean the filter of the engine by blowing off any accumulated dust .

5. Never forget to change your car battery.

Few sluggish or on board electronic components sometimes act erratically and that’s when you need to change your car battery. You should check the battery once every six months to check if it has swelled up or stinks like rotten eggs. If you find any of these to happen, be sure that there is something wrong internally and you may need to get a battery replacement done. Some vehicles also have a warning light on the dashboard by which you can always get a warning of what is wrong.

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