Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Had Hair Transplants

Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Had Hair Transplants

The concept of hair transplant was presented in the 1930s but the first successful surgery was performed in the early 1950s. Today, the procedure has become safer than ever and it is the most effective option to regrow hair naturally. That is why people from all walks of life take it to restore hair growth on bald and thin areas. What celebrities have had it in recent years? This article discusses the top 5 celebrities who have had hair transplants recently.

If you want to know how celebrities got benefited from this innovative procedure, this topic is for you.

Why Do Celebrities take Hair Transplants?

Hair transplant surgery is no longer full of risk because it is safer than ever due to constant advancements. Though risks still exist, taking proper care can avoid all possible risks. Due to its great effectiveness and safety, famous people get drawn to it if they want to restore hair growth naturally.

Are Hair Transplant Results Permanent?

“Today, it’s conceivable to have characteristic looking outcomes because of one key development. Most specialists currently transplant the sound hairs a couple at any given moment,” composes the American Academy of Dermatologist.

The sort of results you get depends to a great extent on the specialist you have chosen for this treatment. Because of the ceaselessness of hair transplant results, we can say that hair transplant results can be lasting.

In perfect conditions, an individual can continue developing hair for quite a while. Other than enduring outcome, an effective hair transplant can develop normal looking outcomes.

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Top 5 Celebrities Who Had Hair Transplants

A large number of celebrities and high profile personalities have had hair transplant but we are going to discuss below the top 5 celebrities who have had hair transplants recently:

  1. Wayne Rooney

If you are a football fan from any part of the world, you must have heard of or seen Wayne Rooney. He was a famous British football player who earned global recognition and fame by playing in Manchester United in the English Premier League. He underwent a hair transplant in 2011 and openly spoke about his surgery a while later. He Tweeted at that time and asked for hair gel endorsement.

  • Louis Walsh

Michael Walsh is known as an entertainment manager and former judge on the British television talent show The X Factor. He is said to have spent whopping 30,000 pounds on his hair transplant because he had hair thinning at the crown area of the head. He was fully open with his colleagues about the procedure. He is so satisfied with the results that he recommends this procedure to others with similar hair growth woes.

  • Joe Swash

BBC One soap opera EastEnders’ star Joe Swash is also a believer of hair transplant treatment. He took this surgical procedure at the start of his acting career due to increasing pressure from peers. He did not like being thin and bald and it was time to take a practical measure. His TV career was on stake when he consulted a hair restoration surgeon. He tried hair transplant and liked the results. His hair is still growing fine and looks natural.

  • Calum Best

Calum Best is a well-known name in the British and American television industry. He is also known as being the son of a famous footballer George Best. He made the headline a few years ago when he broke the news of his hair restoration surgery. He later wrote on social media that this unique treatment change his life because he had never liked being bald. He started losing hair in early 20s but did not do anything to fix this issue and he eventually went bald.

  • James Nesbitt

HRBR Clinic in Dublin, Ireland was lucky enough to convince James Nesbitt to try this life-changing surgery we know today as hair transplant. This unique way of hair regrowth is no longer a taboo as people around the world have come to terms with it. If you have watched Cold Feet, you surely know who James Nesbitt is. Though he took it years ago, he admitted to it at a later stage. He had had two more hair transplants later after he took his first hair transplant. He liked the results and he is satisfied.

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Hair Transplant is a Life-Changing Technique  

This blog entry clarified how the aftereffects of a hair transplant keep going for quite a while. Presently you realize to what extent transplanted hair keeps going. You can attempt this system on the off chance that you need to regrow hair for a lifetime.

One of our hair rebuilding specialists couldn’t imagine anything better than to address you. You can call our telephone number or fill our online structure to book a meeting with a specialist.

Try not to let hair diminishing and sparseness let you down. Feel free to assume responsibility for your life!

Celebrity Hair Transplant Stories: Concluding Remarks

A large number of celebrities and high profile personalities have had hair transplant in Dubai but this article discussed 5 celebrities who have had hair transplants recently. If you want to know how celebrities got benefited from this innovative procedure, this topic might have helped you.

From the above discussion, it is clear that hair transplant can restore hair growth effectively and safely. To learn more, you can find more articles on this topic or maybe you can consider visiting a hair restoration surgeon in your city. Good luck with your hair restoration question.

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