Top 5 players in Counter Strike Global Offensive

2020 has been a great year for the gaming community. New reports suggested that the gaming industry has expanded considerably in the mid of 2020. Due to this, certain proficient streamers, and players have found their way to success in CSGO gaming. The game has gained even more followers on its way, and it has been more than 8 years ever since its launching in 2012. It won an award for the best eSports Game of the Year at the eSports Industry Awards in 2016. This year we have also seen the rise of csgo accounts purchases. Here we have gathered some of the best 5 players in CSGO worldwide.

1. Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz

This 24 year old player is the one who formed his professional team named Astralis. He turned down TSM over some contract disputes, and I guess, only he holds such capability to be able to do such a thing. Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz used his awe-inspiring skills as an AWP in order to attain the professional fame, and position together with his two close friends who’s also his teammates- Xyp9x and Dupreeh. His net worth is close to $1 million, and currently leading as the best worldwide. His first ever major title was the 2017s ELeague Major.

2. Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund

This Swedish guy is another greatest player in CSGO, and you can’t deny that fact! The oldest player in the csgo community-30 years of age- this didn’t stop him from creating records, and making a name in the history for himself.

He is known for his consecutive wins with a continuous streak of 87 games. Chris maintained his title of ‘King of CSGO’ for a rather long time, and won over 20 international titles, and dominated the top 8 charts in several tournaments. When players struggled with precision, and reaching on top, he used to lead the leaderboards in the primary days of the game. This made people recognise him as a champion, and people will keep considering him as a champion of CSGO’s triumphant days.

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3. Richard “shox” Papillon

Shox is an international French player recognised in the VeryGames French eSports team. He is known for his smooth gameplay- how he makes domination seem so… simple! Those who have seen his gameplay from the earlier days, won’t question his competence. He was amongst the top players back then, as well.

He didn’t only bring himself on top, however took VeryGames from underdog level to world champions, in the year 2013- surpassing Ninjas in Pajamas, and became the best CSGO team in the worldwide

Soon after, he took his team titan to similar levels of fame, and amidst NiP, and Titan, he competed for a presenter of different teams. When he was dominating the top position, everyone feared his skills.

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4. Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer

Olof, known as an all-rounder player that has ever played professionally in CSGO. Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer can ace any match given with any weapon. He mounted on top when he was signed by Fnatic, an Esports group, on their team in 2014. With his versatility, he outshined perfect moments in games, and tournaments in order to make sure his team is in for a long-term success.

His team was the first to win major titles more than once, in 2015; he earned almost $700,000 as prize winnings during his active career. Despite being injured, and fighting personal matters, he defeated his real life battles, as well like a champ- and whilst fighting his life battles he still managed to remain in the top 20 position in 2016-2017.

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5. Marcelo “Coldzera” David

Michael “Coldzera” David is recognized as a legend in the CSGO community. He has been dominating the top position in the CSGO Leaderboards for years; he is known for his proficiency for which he bagged several tournaments and awards: eSports Player of the Year, and Pc Player of the Year in 2016, the same year CSGO won the Game of the Year Award.

Coldzera has been the recipient of an MVP or Player of the Year multiple times from many different groups and organizations and rose to stardom playing for Luminosity Gaming (He now plays for MIBR, or Made in Brazil, a team representing his Latin-American home country). The man takes home hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, winning tournaments left and right, even as recently as fall of 2018. He has brought MIBR with him to record levels of Counter Strike success.

David received an MVP and Player of the Year countless times from various distinct groups, and associations. He climbed to fame after playing for Luminosity Gaming. Currently, he is playing for MIBR (Made in Brazil): a team representing its country. He brought numerous levels of success with him.

His best known skill is fragging; it made him quite a popular player in the competitive bets on the game. In 2016 he threw out 4 players along with the AWP leaving millions of fans stunned!

CSGO Accounts

If you want to be named alongside these legends one day, then you better take your csgo gaming seriously! There are numerous out there who sought after such glory in their hands; they purchase csgo accounts after csgo accounts so that they can refine their skills, and become the best! And, everyone who has played this game, or been playing this game at the moment gotten familiar with the fact that it isn’t easy becoming an Elite ranked player.

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In order to reach the highest level one needs to kill more, than getting killed frequently- only then, you become an MVP. However, it is a hectic process, and a long road to cover during which you may lose countless ranks if you lose any competitive battles in CSGO. Csgo accounts help you boost your confidence, and if you believe that you deserve a high-tiered csgo account because you hold the best skills to beat the higher level players, then even better! The game allows you to fight against those who share the same skills as yours. This way you get more conviction to fight any higher level players. Also, you won’t face any hackers in the game after purchasing a prime account.

Hence, it is better to buy csgo prime accounts, so that you can endure smooth gameplay.

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