Top 5 Wholesale Food Distributors in USA

According to Dun & Bradstreet, the wholesale restaurant food supply industry has roughly 34,000 businesses with total annual revenue of $991 billion. While some significant chain restaurants in the sector have sizable distribution networks, most of the top distributors are independent businesses focusing on food distribution. Businesses that sell items to retailers, merchants, contractors, industrial, institutional, and commercial users are called wholesale traders. Wholesale distribution companies selling durable and nondurable goods (such as printing and writing paper, groceries, chemicals, and periodicals) do not sell to the household consumers. Wholesale distributors, the sales branches and offices of manufacturers, agents, brokers, and commission agents are three different sorts of businesses that can carry out the duties of the wholesale trade.


As a wholesale distributor, you will likely manage an independently owned and run company that buys and sells goods you have acquired ownership of. Usually, these processes are carried out from a warehouse or warehouses, from which inventory goods are received and shipped to clients.

What is a Food Distributor?

Distributors must transport all products from manufacturers to retail shelves. Enterprises specializing in supplying food to several restaurants, grocers, food service operators, caterers, institutions, and other businesses are known as food distributors. The chain of distribution is crucial for restaurant food wholesalers. These vendors ought to offer an adequate supply of the highest caliber goods. It comprises, among other things, dry goods, dairy, desserts, fruit, and specialty foods.

How Do Companies That Distribute Food Operate?

Food distribution is handled by several corporate divisions, each with a distinct function. After that, food is gathered and kept in warehouses. Once it arrives in the warehouses, it gets ready to be dispersed at a specified time, location, and quantity. Trailers, trucks, and other kinds of specialized vehicles are frequently used as transportation methods to keep food safe, secure, and fresh. The food is then delivered to other storage facilities or restaurant food wholesalers, including supermarkets, cafeterias, restaurants, and charitable groups.

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What are the top 5 wholesale food distributors in the USA?

  1. FRPG

Now coming to the best of the list, FRPG connects professional, effective suppliers and manufacturers who are ready to assist in getting you what you need when you need it. A group purchasing organization called FRPG brings manufacturers and distributors together to ensure that our membership receives fair prices.


They constitute one of the nation’s biggest food service procurement groups by bringing together the best and brightest operators. No matter how big or where your business is, as an FRPG member, you always have access to the best and freshest food, drink, and paper products. They create long-lasting relationships with suppliers of high-quality goods and services eager to collaborate with them to further the fair pricing strategy. The goal of services is to provide operators with a wide range of goods and services at the lowest cost possible. They give our members the chance to cut costs by committing to and growing their volume of purchases from our network of suppliers and services that will most effectively bring actual economic value promptly and smoothly to your company. They provide member benefits such as pricing consistency, savings, product safety, and guaranteed product availability, to name a



  1. Sysco

In the world of food distribution, Sysco is a titan. The leading international food distribution company in the United States, it was created in 1969. In addition to other products, Sysco is a global leader in distributing food and drink items. While emphasizing neighborhood customer service, it provides these to restaurants, hotels, healthcare, and educational facilities. It also owns a specialty food company that offers premium international cheese and charcuterie meats.

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  1. Mclane Foodservice

The Mclane Company is a sizable supply chain service provider specializing in the nationwide distribution of groceries and household goods.

In 1894, it was just a little retail grocery store.

It now ranks among the biggest American suppliers of supply chain services. Some of its major customers are convenience stores, discount stores, wholesale clubs, drugstores, and other merchants. Its network for distribution and logistics has unquestionably expanded. It provides a variety of goods, including pre-packaged fresh food, alcohol, and supplies for chain restaurants.


  1. Gordon Food Service

It is a family-owned food wholesaler established in 1987 in North America. Along with supplying food service establishments, it also prioritizes sustainable food and environmentally friendly operations. The business has become known for its cutting-edge methods of managing the modern food supply chain. Customers order a seemingly unlimited variety of goods, including frozen goods, kitchenware, fresh produce, meat, beverages, take-out containers, cleaning supplies, and even pre-cooked dinners.


  1. US Foods

It was established in 1989 and was formerly known as US Foodservice. It is a significant American food wholesaler that operates mainly domestically. The majority of the food service industry in the US is controlled by it and Sysco.

With US Foods, about 300,000 eateries are connected. US Foods runs a nationwide network of 100 distribution facilities. Despite being primarily a food distributor, they also focus on supplies and equipment for the food service industry. Success in a restaurant goes well beyond delicious food; it also depends on the restaurant food supply. At US Foods, they take a closer look at your company and consider its current strengths and future possibilities.

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