Top 6 features of Secure Trailer Parking

Are you afraid of parking your trailers at unsafe places? Then you may have some very secure and safe trailer parking in your city!
Secure trailer parking allows the owner to safely park their vehicles and trucks for a few hours in a day. They are usually built with a robust strategy and designs near railway stations, airports, and borders.

They constantly fax and send you the details every time your vehicle enters or leaves the yard. Each and every activity is always captured under the CCTV camera, thus keeping your vehicles safe and secure.

Want to know more? Here we are going to share some main features of these high-tech secure trailer parking yards.

Features of Secure trailer parks:

1. High Security:

The top-most feature that makes these parking yards better than other yards is their high-tech security measures and facilities. You need not worry about the safety of your trailers as they are kept under 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Along with that, they have well-proficient staff that takes full responsibility for your vehicle.
Secure trailer parking faxes you the details regularly so that you can know the present status of your vehicle, whether it has been dispatched or has entered the yard.

They have strict high-tech security norms under which no one can enter or exit the yard without their identity card. Their door locks are made with code systems that do not open until you scan the code in it. 

In short, these yards keep your vehicle 100% safe and secure from the outside world!

2. The thundershock lightening effects for thieves:

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I bet no thief or robber will be able to enter a trailer park secured by thundershock lightning effects surrounding the perimeter fence. It, in fact, protects the drivers and workers during night shifts. But you need not get scared of it because the light fencing around the whole perimeter is done so strategically that it does not harm the drivers and workers at any instant. The yard remains safe 24/7 around these fences. These yards are made with an ultimate strategy that keeps it safe from any unfavorable events.

Additionally, these fences are surrounded by a barrier. In any case, these fences get damaged then the additional barrier can keep the yard safe for 24/7.

3. Ample Space Provision:

The biggest problem faced by trailer drivers is that they don’t get ample space to park their trailers. But not now! These yards provide enough space depending upon the need of your trailer. They are constructed in such a way that you can easily turn your vehicle back and move it around in the yard without any discomfort. Additionally, they provide you single or multiple space parking according to your needs. Therefore, secure trailer parking has good parking space available so that you can park big and small vehicles without any issues.

4. Personal Space Availability:

The yard also provides separate space for a commercial purpose. Just pay some extra money and get your personal space for parking your beloved trailer!  

They allow you to park heavy equipment storage along with heavy truck and bus parking. You can park almost 100 trucks at a time. This facility of providing private space is not given by any usual parking. One can, in fact, conduct private meetings related to vehicles, goods, and other kinds of stuff. They have to pay monthly rent for this.

5. Open At All Times:

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Just like an ATM, this parking is open 24/7. You can anytime enter the secure trailer parking yard. Both the clients with membership and general clients can enter any time in 24/7 in the yard without any issues. The secure trailer parking allows both private ownership and general ownership to discharge their goods and enter their goods whenever they want to. There is no time limit, and the services and facilities provided by the secure trailer parking yard are for 24/7.

6. Staff Surveillance facility:

Not only the CCTVs but the yard is under the surveillance of the well trained and experienced guards. They always keep records and do all paperwork carefully whenever a vehicle enters or leaves the yard. So, you can trust the services of secure trailer parking without any second thoughts and enjoy the facilities provided by them.

7. Buffer System Availability:

The whole perimeter of the yard is surrounded by the buffer system, which keeps the yard separated from the outside world. So, you can definitely enter and leave with your proper identity proofs without any issue.


Secure trailer parking is very safe to keep your trucks and other big vehicles. The safety and security provided by the secure trailer parking yards are unique, and you can trust these facilities without any issue and second thought. In fact, these yards remain open 24/7 for the comfort of their clients and members. It doesn’t matter that you are with private ownership or general ownership, you will be allowed to dispatch your goods and enter your goods whenever you want to.

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