Top 7 Historical Places in Maharashtra

Travelling to historical places in Maharastra is not any less than travelling to the past that holds the glory of extremely brave warriors of that time, especially Maharashtrian warriors. Maharashtra owned a great place when it comes to history which is why people often opt to travel to historical places in it. These historical places in Maharashtra are not only explaining the glory of great warriors but also their love for their country.

India indeed is a country of uncountable brave hearts where everyone has special and indefinable love for humanity. Travelling to such great country will going to be one of the best experiences, especially to Maharashtra and its historical places. 

Maharashtra is a state of glory and historical places where only a magnificent moment. It’s splendid history immortal in itself and telling story of all those beautiful and memorable moments in a great way. Whether you are just a traveller or a human, who has a craze to learn about history, Maharashtra has it all, just travel and explore. From historical monuments to holy temples, you will get to see everything there. 

These historical places in Maharastra will also make you amaze with its elegant architecture and game-changing minds of legend structure makers. After seeing all those places, you will definitely think about traveling to the past and have a cup of tea with those legends to understand their beautiful art and mind. 

Here in this blog, we will tell you the top 7 important historical places in Maharashtra, all you have to do is keep reading. We will also give some information related to these historical places so that you will not feel blanked while exploring such glorious places in Maharashtra. 

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Also, if you are planning to gift your parents or any loved one something beautiful, traveling tickets to Maharashtra would be the best gift for them. So, let’s get started!

Naukhanda Palace – Best Historical Places in Maharashtra

One of the beautiful historical places in Maharashtra where you should travel once in your lifetime to calm your wanderlust. Naukhanda palace was built by Malik Ambar in 1616 and had massive leading to it. This beautiful tourist attraction has nine Apartments, hot baths, Masjid, Kacheri including several other beautiful structures loaded with eye-catching and breath-taking architecture.

The Naukhanda palace is now abode The Aurangabad College for Women where tourist came to experience beautiful grand edifice.

Sri Shirdi Saibaba – Best Historical Places in Maharashtra

Shirdi is known to be the house of great saint Sai Baba, this place is one of the best and a well-renowned religious site which is close to Nasik. If you are travelling to nearby Pune then you can book a Pune to Shirdi Cab to make travel easy and fast for yourself.

This place is situated in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Shirdi sai baba owns a strong belief in humanity as saint sai baba believed that no one is greater than humanity. He used to tell their people that the one who serves humankind in the best way is indirectly serving God. You can travel to some nearby places in Ahmednagar where “shishya” (students) of sai baba used to live. 

Bhimashankar – Best Historical Places in Maharashtra

Another gem in the Maharashtra where you should travel at least once in your lifetime. This place is situated at a distance of 100km from Pune and if you travel from Mumbai, you need to travel about 223km. 

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It is situated in the village Bhorgiri in the ghat region of the Sahyadri Range which is placed at an altitude of around 3,250feet, this destination by thick green rainforests and high-hills. It is believed that the name of this destination is based on the Bhima River that evaporated because of the war between demon Tripurasura and lord Shiva. 

People who love to trek can opt this destination for their next trek as bhimashankar serves one of the best treks who have ever come across, so plan your trek now. 

Hevdi – Best Historical Monuments in Maharashtra

Hedvi is one of the best destinations in Maharashtra as this is a beautiful and nature loaded village. This village is located near the town of Guhanagar in the Konkan region. 

Ozar – Best Historical Monuments Of Maharashtra

One of the amazing gems of Maharashtra which is loaded with hills and vineyards around it. This place is known for its enormous production of corn, grapes, and onions and also for vigneshwara temple. From this destination, you can plan your further travel to Ashtavinayak Yatra for seeking blessings with your family. 


Best for the ones who love to smell the mind-calming scent of coffee beans which welcomes you to one of bests destination in Maharashtra. This destination is known for Narnala fort, Bhimkund Melghat and tiger project. 


This destination is known for shirgaonkar point, Amboli falls and Madhavgad Fort which is enough to calm every traveller’s wanderlust. 

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