Top Apps in 2019 for Daily Use

The smartphone users always in hunt for brilliant apps for Android or iOS. We all know that apps make our techy and fast life easier in this modern era. For quite a few years, cell phone apps have been the center of innovation now. It is very challenging to stay relevant and competitive due to the ever-growing marketplace and forthcoming modern technologies.

Two main users exist all around the world, Android and iOS. Both are operating systems which is used in a different brand of cell phones such as iPhone works in iOS and other remaining brands such as Samsung, Huawei etc work in Android. If your iPhone’s Apps aren’t working properly, then you can sell used iPhone to buy a new one.

Digital Media Consumption Time on Cell Phone Apps

Do you know an estimate digital media consumption time on cell phone apps? According to ComScore annually US portable apps report, 57 % of US citizens spend more than half of their digital media consumption time on cell phone applications.

Businesses need to develop their applications and offer a uniquely user-friendly experience if they want to obtain high engagement from cell phones. If we consider current stats of the digital world, countless applications are being uploaded every day on the Google play store and app store. These smartphone applications are available to download depending on different purposes like,

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Games
  • And so on to make life easier and relaxed

Regrettably, most of these most downloaded applications are unsuccessful, some of them cost mediocrely, and just a few of them are prominent from the crowd by being exceptional and beneficial to the users of the app. And, these interesting smartphone apps are the ones that carry about a revolution. You have still options like your old electronic device isn’t working properly or you want to buy a new one then sell a MacBook Pro, your smartphone, or other electronic devices.

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Top Apps in 2019

We have assembled the most brilliant cell phone applications that deserve awards, so just to assist you to make sure your cell phone applications initiative is between the ones that are an accomplishment. Entrepreneurs who are looking for their business future in mobile app development must have a look to have more precisely. If you think these apps make your life easier then consider given-below updated lists of the top most popular apps in 2019.

1.    Uber

Yes, Uber is the world’s top on-demand cab service app for riders all over the globe. Do you know how many people using this app? Approximately 8 million people are using the Uber app in 400 cities across 70 different countries. This application gives relief to people from crowded bus stations and helps the riders to get an instant ride without having to wait much. By integrating Google Maps into their application, cab drivers see the user where the pick-up point is set and users can see where the cab is located at the time of booking. Users can also see the estimated time of arrival (ETA). Users can pay cash or use their credit card for payment.

2.    Instagram

Instagram is the easiest way to connect the people of different states across the world and share your priceless memories through images, videos and by using the right kind of hashtags. Through hashtags, users can increase their followers. Instagram started its services since 2010 and became the top-notch app for Android or iOS users. For social media strategists, Instagram gives the spectrum of opportunities to increase the business.

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According to current stats, more than 500 million users are active on Instagram and it is considered more powerful to Facebook and Twitter. If we look at the statistics, the posts of Instagram get 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter. If you are looking for better ROI for their business, then it is the perfect place for that marketers.

3.    Airbnb

Airbnb is the best booking app which helps the people to plan holidays better. It offers certainly better lodging alternatives than hotels. Moreover, if you have additional space in your house and you desire to offer it for holidaymakers, Airbnb can be your one-stop solution. They launched this app in 2012 and got popularity in 2016, now it is the most demanding app. Airbnb develops an exceptionally user-friendly app that growths the comfort of doing transactions through with the help of technology. It even took the pain out of seeking and booking lodgings.

4.    Netflix

Are you looking for a subscription-based video-on-demand app? Netflix is the best option! To watch movies, and TV series on your cell phone, it is the world’s leading subscription service for users. This smartphone app gives the best experience anytime anywhere. A majority of millennials find Netflix better than any other video-on-demand application, which offers a wide selection of movies, shows, and genres to select from. According to Forbes, there are 2 million subscribers of Netflix and they got 5.2 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2017. Now, it has defeated its estimates of 3.2 million new subscribers and continues to grow.

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5.    Amazon

Amazon is the most prominent e-commerce platform all over the globe. Amazon, with the support of the Internet, generates actual worth for consumers focusing on a wide range of things they are seeking. This, eventually, outcomes in more sales. The app is light as well as fast to use. It allows you to seek out and filter a widespread variety of items on different constraints with just a few taps.


There are many more apps such as YouTube, Dropbox, Spotify, Seamless, Pocket etc which consider the world’s top applications. These apps make your life easier and fast. If your device isn’t working properly to install the app then change your smartphone, LaptopZone is the best option to sell your devices such as sell used MacBook Air, sell iPhone, sell laptop etc.

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