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Top Desert Safaris in Dubai

Any trip to the emirate of Dubai would be incomplete without getting the exhilarating experience desert safari offers. Not only are you missing out on all the fun, but you are also not enjoying half the views this beautiful city offers.

Even though a desert might seem like a boring place, one can still appreciate the immensity and serenity of the horizons. Especially if you are considering the exhilarating experience of desert safari in Dubai.

Although it’s impossible to say which is the best desert safari in Dubai, we can surely compile a list for you to decide for your short term stay. So, make the choice that best suits your taste and needs from the following:

Heritage Desert Safari:

As the name suggests, this safari tour offers a retro touch to its services. You can experience the safari fun in 1950’s Land Rovers and watch the live training session of falcons. Moreover, you’ll also be dining in a genuine Bedouin camp in the vicinity of local Royalty. As with all safaris, you can also enjoy the best camel rides and get yourself henna tattoos.

Enjoying the Arabic culture would require you to experience smoking the traditional shisha after you eat. You won’t have to worry as it’s not intoxicating or that harmful. Enjoy the exotic wildlife around in the comfort and security of guides and professionals.


The safari can last for up to 7 hours.  


USD 167 per person.

Platinum Desert Safari:

Filled with exotic adventure and the glamorous belly dancing performances of professionals, experience luxury and thrill in this safari. You can rush at the dunes of sand in the Range Rovers and be at ease in your private cabana near the oasis. The guides will also take you to the royal lake that is only accessible to exclusive guests. It’s recommended that you get the platinum tickets to enjoy the falconry demonstration.

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Witness the serene sunset as your hosts serve you the best date juice you’ll ever taste. Ride the desert ships (camels) and make the most of your time with your loved ones.


This safari tour can go on for about 7 hours.


USD 485 per person.

Private Night Safari:

Organized by Platinum Heritage Luxury Tours & Safaris, evening desert safari experiences couldn’t get more exciting. If you’re looking to enjoy the comfort of luxury campsites surrounded by the exotic desert winds in the night, go for this safari. These guys also offer pick-up services from most of the hotels in the emirate. Start out at 5:30-6:00 P.M and take only the people you can enjoy with. You’ll be entertained with a 3-course dinner at exclusive campsites. Witness the wildlife and the infamous crawling scorpions, under the supervision of expert guides of course.

Get a chance to survey the stars with a professional telescope and enjoy the night with flame torches around. Try the famous Fattoush salad, Australian Angus steak, vegetarian moussaka and grilled chicken.


This tour can last for up to 5 hours.


USD 603 per person.

Private Starlight Safari:

Arabian Adventures is famous for organizing some of the best safari tours for their guests. You can imagine the hype being worthy of trying by the fact that they offer personal waiters, unlimited alcoholic beverages and a 3-course BBQ dinner.

Starting out with a pick-up via a 4-wheel drive that takes you out to the desert, enjoy dashing in the dunes as you make your way to the Dubai Desert Convention Reserve. Again, the camel rides are a must if you wish to experience a safari to the fullest. You can also find people showing off their trained falcons doing amazing tricks. You’ll be craving for nothing as your personal waiter takes care of all your needs. Needless to say, your glass won’t run empty so long as you qualify for the legal drinking age.

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Just as you make your way to the luxurious campsite, you’ll be offered a delightful dinner. Sit on the cushions arranged in an extravagantly designed campsite and enjoy the traditions and folklores of the locality. You’ll be enjoying the mesmerizing views of the stars as you live the dream of enjoying the exotic wildlife of the desert resorts in Dubai.


This tour can go for up to 6 hours.


USD 583 per person.