Top five browsing applications on 9apps

Smartphone applications are revolutionizing the way human beings work and perform various tasks. 9Apps is an application downloading platform which can be accessed free of cost. 9Apps has numerous Web browsing applications and the best 5 are listed below:

  1. UC Mini:

UC Mini is an award winning web browsing application which is small in size, takes less space, uses data economically and provides a fast and smooth browsing experience. It has an added feature of incognito mode which allows browsing internet privately. It also has an integrated download tab.

  1. M! Browser:

It is a web platform which is lightweight and gives the user access to internet. The interface is minimal with a number of features like an embedded download manager, app store and a separate section for accessing most viewed sites.

It is one of the most secure browsers as one can switch to incognito mode which hides the location as well as the searching history of the user.

It is specially created for Indian users as it is available in a number of languages like Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi etc. Developers work day and night to improve the user experience and fix any problems related to the browser.

  1. Opera mini browser:

It is one of the highly rated browsers on the 9Apps store. It is a lighter version of the original opera browser which is faster and more efficient. Features which make it the best browser of smart devices are:

Ad free:

Opera mini has an embedded feature of blocking ads which makes the browsing experience seamless and obstruction free.

Saves data:

The browser creates a lighter version of a website and uses only a small portion of the browsing data.

It has a speed dial option which helps a user to access a website easily from the home page.

Syncing content across devices is possible like search history and downloads. A user can assign a schedule which will automatically help in syncing the data.

  1. Firefox browser:

The most trusted browser on 9Apps, Firefox browser delivers a fast and secure browsing experience to the users.

AI based technology automatically gives suggestions to the user regarding the information to be filled on various sites like passwords and email addresses etc.

A user can open unlimited tabs which allow him/her to view different content at the same time without closing a single window. Users can switch between different tabs easily which makes the workflow more efficient.

It even has casting abilities which allows user to cast the content from a Smartphone to a smart television or personal computer.

  1. Yandex browser:

Yandex browser has an innovative and intuitive interface which can be altered according to user’s preferences.

It has an embedded voice search capability which allows user to search something without typing anything.

The security system protects the user’s privacy. It secures the browser which then can be accessed even on a public network.

Turbo mode helps in increasing the download speed which in turn saves time and money.

9apps therefore offers large number of genuine browsing apps which run flawlessly over range of devices. One has to click on 9apps install button on its official website in order to get the latest version with minimum bugs and greatest benefits.

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