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Top five Startups of 2019 in Pakistan

Here is the list of Top five startups in Pakistan 2019-2020 see the full story to know what is cooking in the kitchen of Pakistan’s business!

One of the biggest and fastest-growing e-commerce portal in Pakistan who is providing trustable goods.

The first, multi-vendor e-commerce in Pakistan who has to build a very large community in one portal using the relationship 


Pakistani media MangoBaaz is reporting the latest trending news that is not presented by the big media channels from the entertainment industry.


Patari – A new dimensional wave… took songs from all across Pakistan and soon became the local portal for music lovers.

There are multiple applications available on the Google Play store and Apple iOS, which are providing too much knowledge on the drama and music industry.

However, no other app including Sound Cloud was providing the latest version of the music that the people of Pakistan were looking for.


Apnijob – Jobs in Pakistan; its the latest jobs hub providing mature and updated jobs to the people of Pakistan. 

the light experience of job searching start there and they just launched in 2019 and grown very rapidly I must recommend, if you are looking for a job then you have to look Apnijob – job in Pakistan to get one!


The online auction portal is giving a unique trend in Pakistan through which buyers in the country can easily find the perfect car for their needs.

Founded in 2016, the company has turned into one of the best online platforms to buy and sell vehicles with certification.

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