Top Tips for Maintaining Wooden Floors

When you have a wooden floor in your home, it can seem that each season of the year creates its own issues for the hardwood floors. For instance, winter can cause grit and salt to be worn into the floor, and summer can add chlorine, especially if you have a pool and children.

But having a wooden floor is a beautiful addition to any home, and hardwood floor maintenance is essential to keep your wooden floors looking stunning and, of course, functional.

Here are five top tips to help you maintain your wooden flooring, irrespective of the type of wood that you have.

Clean spills

When something is spilled onto your wooden floor, use a dry or slightly damp cloth to wipe up the stain immediately. This is because wood swells when wet, so leaving wet spots can cause warping and a potential slip risk. Depending on the moisture, it is also important to keep humidity levels in your home down. This will prevent splitting and gapping in the wood. If you are considering having a wooden floor fitted, search wooden floors Balham for more guidance on how to care for a newly fitted wooden floor.

Use pads

Scratches to your wooden floor are some of the toughest issues to resolve. While some scratches are inevitable, especially if you have pets, others are preventable, and the best way to prevent deeper wedging or scratching from damaging your wooden floor is to use furniture pads. Place them under the legs of your chairs, tables, or any furniture you have in the room where there is a wooden floor to protect it.

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Sweep daily

It can seem like a very tough thing to upkeep, but it is important to keep your wooden floor clean as this can prevent scratching. It is worth sweeping the floor every single day. This becomes more important if you share your home with a cat or dog or any other small furry friends and is also important for hygiene, too, especially if you live in a home where a person has allergies.

Vacuum once a week

Crumbs and dirt can scratch your floors, so it is important to vacuum your wooden floor at least once a week. This will also help to keep your home clean and the floor looking its best.

This may sound counter-intuitive if you have a varnished floor, as vacuuming can put a lot of pressure onto a polished surface. So, it can be worth sweeping prior to vacuuming and then gently and sparingly using the vacuum in areas of high foot traffic. If this sounds like a chore you do not want to undertake, why not invest in a robot vacuum to help you out?


Yearly varnishing can help keep your wooden floors looking as good as new and can also allow you to assess any areas of potential damage and treat them. It also allows you to change the look of your wooden floor with each passing season so that you can keep up to date with current home trends.

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