Top tips to make your smile light up the room

As the well-known ‘Annie’ song says, ‘you’re never fully dressed without a smile’, and there are a lot of benefits to smiling the day away, including reducing stress, reducing blood pressure and even strengthening your immune system! An obvious benefit though, is how much more approachable a big smile makes you to others. The problem comes when you don’t like your smile enough to use it regularly. Perhaps you are someone that half smiles with your lips sealed, out of embarrassment of your teeth or general low self-esteem. Below are some tips to make you feel more confident about brightening up the world with your beamingly happy smile.


The food, drinks, and other substances that you consume will have a significant effect on your overall physical and mental health, and specifically on your oral health. Your teeth, gums and even your breath will all be affected by unhealthy choices. Carbonated drinks, bread, and alcohol are all examples of food and drinks that when used regularly, can lead to poor dental hygiene. Darker drinks (such as coffee and cola) and the use of cigarettes can all stain your teeth. Horrible brown stains are not what you want to see when you are smiling back at your reflection in the mirror. To avoid harsh stains and bad oral hygiene, consider how often you consume unhealthy items, increase your intake of water to rinse away any leftover sugars and, of course, remember to brush and floss more!

Cosmetics and moisturizers

You are already beautiful, and so there is no need to cake yourself in layers of make-up to improve your appearance. The use of moisturizers and lip balms can go a long way in keeping your lips and skin healthy though, as well as drinking plenty of water. There is plenty of information and products available out there to guide you in having perfectly kissable lips, such as lip balms with SPF and even lip masks. A good tip to keep those lips supple, is to cover yourself up from too much cold weather by using a scarf or snood, and not to lick your lips, but drink a glass of water instead.

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Professional intervention

Of course, if you are extremely uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth, due to their colour, shape or number, you can always approach a professional dentist. More adults are taking the step to correct the alignment of their teeth long after childhood is over, and it is easier than ever to have a consultation or procedure and a solution in hardly any time at all. Private clinics such as orthodontics Enfield offer a range of options to help people improve their smile. They even offer a free ‘smile assessment’ that you can do from your own home using your phone. They will then recommend to you what dental procedure would be best.

Whatever it is that you need to do to make you feel more confident in your smile, it is worth making the effort, so that you can feel good and everyone else can see that in you as well.

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