Top Tips To Survive Tooth Decay to Old Age

As a rule, by the age of 30, a person already has several fillings, there are various processes or even removed teeth. But is it possible to live to old age, keeping teeth healthy? What do you have to do for this? Below rules will help you avoid tooth decay.

Pay due attention to daily oral hygiene

You probably know that you need to brush your teeth twice a day: morning and evening. For quality dental care you will need the following hygiene kit:

  • Toothbrush with medium hard bristles: A soft brush is used, as a rule, only after surgical interventions in the oral cavity. Hard brushes are used only as directed by your doctor.
  • Toothpaste: You will get the best effect if you alternate them. Toothpastes with calcium, fluoride and phosphorus strengthen the structure of enamel and inhibit the development of caries. Herbal remedies (chamomile, calendula, sage) improve the condition of periodontal tissues, effectively eliminate signs of inflammation. Using pastes based on pyrophosphates (salts of pyrophosphoric acid) you will significantly reduce the amount of dental deposits. The cosmetic dentist Torrance CA will help you choose the optimal type (or combination) of toothpaste after examining the oral cavity.
  • Flosses: Dental floss is indicated for cleansing the interdental spaces. The absence of plaque in the interdental spaces allows you to avoid the development of caries on the lateral surfaces of the teeth.

  • Irrigator: (a device that, by supplying water, cleanses the oral cavity with a stream of pressure). Due to the supply of fluid under pressure, you can qualitatively clean the most inaccessible places. The use of a solution based on medicinal herbs will allow, along with mechanical cleaning, to carry out antiseptic irrigation.
  • Rinse Aid: As a hygiene product for daily use, dentists recommend the use of deodorizing (breath freshening) rinses.
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To avoid the development of caries it is very important not only to acquire all the necessary hygiene products, but also to learn how to brush your teeth properly. Firstly, all surfaces of the teeth are subject to cleaning. To remove plaque from the buccal and oral (internal) surfaces with a brush, sweeping vertical movements are carried out in the direction from the gums. When cleaning chewing surfaces, translational movements are performed back and forth. The tongue is a good reservoir for the accumulation of microorganisms. Therefore, the back of the tongue also needs to be cleaned using an ordinary brush or special scrapers.

Visit your dentist every six months

During the preventive examination you will get an idea of ​​your level of oral hygiene and learn about the presence of dental deposits. Under the guidance of an experienced dentist you will be trained in the rules of brushing your teeth. Timely correction of oral hygiene will allow you to avoid the development of caries in the future. With the help of preventive examinations every six months, it is possible to identify various processes at the initial stage. This will allow you to eliminate them in a less invasive way (with the removal of a minimum amount of tissue). Also during the inspection you will learn about hidden defects on the approximate (side) surfaces which you might not even be aware of.

Perform professional hygiene twice a year

Professional toothbrushing in the best cosmetic dentist Clinic is carried out in 3 stages: scaling, polishing Air-flow, finishing polishing. You will surely like the result: flawless cleaning of all surfaces of teeth from tartar and plaque.

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Professional cleaning completely relieves teeth from plaque, protecting them from the development of caries, and prevents the development of inflammatory processes in the gums. With this procedure, you maintain healthy teeth and adjacent tissues. Occupational hygiene is the only effective cure for tooth decay.

It is especially important to regularly take professional hygiene to smokers. At home, using a regular brush and paste, it is impossible to achieve a quality elimination of tobacco pigmentation. Only professional brushing can restore teeth to their natural whiteness. After the procedure, you will become the owner of a radiant smile.

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