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Toyota GR Yaris is More Important than Most People Realize

This all-new Toyota hatchback GR Yaris is worth the wait as it incorporates
new innovative technology such as the GR-FOUR which is the first sports,
a state-of-the-art AWD system in Toyota’s history of 20 years. It is in fact, a
wild Homologated rally-bred car. It is specifically a street version of the
Yaris rally car that competes in the FIA World Rally Championship. It is not only lightweight but also has a captivating ride.

Toyota GR Yaris is born from WRC(World Rally Championship) from where it has gained experience, technology, and knowledge in order to deliver the raw essence of a true sports car. Toyota has blended the rally expertise of
the global version of the Yaris subcompact in the street version of GR
Yaris. This homologation version wears the Gazoo Racing (GR) company’s designation.

It is a limited production vehicle which intrigues the auto enthusiasts. GR
Yaris goes from 0 to 62 mph in less than five and a half seconds.

Toyota GR Yaris Exterior

GR Yaris is not like any ordinary Yaris. The roofline of the car has been
lowered by 3.6 inches (91 millimeters) which gives it a coupe-like
appearance along with giving the car the ability to cut through the air.

The frameless two side doors joined with 18 inches alloys also give it a distinct look. The weight of the car is surprisingly low due to the WRC expertise which incorporates aluminum and carbon fiber polymer in the car. The roof panel is made from carbon fiber mixed with plastic to further lower weight.
Whereas the trunk and hood of the car also incorporate aluminum. The
weight of the car is only 1,280 kg (2,822 pounds).

A big grille in the front opening,18-inch forged alloy wheels paired with
Michelin Pilot tires and flared fenders exhibit a bold statement on the vehicle. The car is designed in a way to provide the best aerodynamic solutions for Yaris.

Toyota GR Yaris Interior

The interior of this hatchback is not much different from the current generation Yaris. Moreover, Toyota has revealed no changes in the luggage space, the material chosen for the interior, etc.

Toyota GR Yaris Features

The GR Yaris includes the same gadgets and features which are already added in the stock version. A digital instrument cluster, a high-mounted
touchscreen and dials and buttons below the screen surface are some of the examples. A 4WD (a four-wheel-drive) dial switch is also added which allows the driver to pick between Sport, Normal and Track modes.

In the normal mode, the front and rear torque distribution is split as 60:40.
Whereas in the sports mode, the torque distribution changes to 30:70 and
lastly, in the track mode, the torque is distributed equally between the two
axles as 50:50. The 4WD system is adjusted automatically and these
modes settings are at default as the system is capable of sending full
torque to the front and back wheels depending on the driver’s input and the road conditions.

Toyota GR Yaris Engine

It features a turbocharged 3-cylinder engine of 1.6 liter which is the most powerful engine found in a streetcar. GR Yaris is an advanced all-wheel
the drive which gives out a maximum power of 268 hp and torque of 273 Nm from a three-cylinder engine which is very impressive. The Japanese claim that it is the equivalent of a C-segment performance hatchback wrapped in a B-segment car.

A standard of 6-speed manual transmission with rev-matching is provided. A newly designed double-wishbone rear suspension, a wide rear track, and a MacPherson strut front suspension is found in the Yaris. Along with the AWD, two Torsen limited-slip differentials are also added in the car’s machinery in the front and rear. Moreover, an electronically controlled center differential and Circuit-Pack are also found.
After calculating the weight and horsepower measurements, the power-to-weight ratio is 4.9 kg/hp which is again, quite impressive. The car has an acceleration time of just 5.5 seconds whereas the top speed
recorded is 230 kph (143 mph).

Safety measures

Toyota knows that some major changes had to be made in the GR Yasir in order to rule the next generation WRC Toyota. Therefore, the engine was shifted to the extreme back then it usually is and the battery is moved to the trunk. Toyota achieved better balance of the car in this way by enhancing the weight distribution. Better stability and faster responsiveness was produced through these modifications.

This new car being launched in Pakistan is the second GR model developed by Toyota. A new generation WRC car will also be manufactured in this very car.

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