What is the care after treatment for heart diseases?

Today a large population in India suffers from heart disease. However, it is possible to cure it after some remedies, remedies and treatment. But many people stop avoiding heart disease after treatment. Because of which they start having trouble again after some time. That is why even if you have been treated for heart disease, you should take some precautions which are

Do not smoke or consume tobacco under any circumstances. Otherwise it can harm you again.

Many people are not physically active even after treatment for heart disease while you should remain physically active. For this, you can do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily or you can also take a walk.

Abstain from consumption of alcohol and drugs. It can be harmful for you.
Obesity has an additional effect on your heart. That’s why control the weight and keep it on a healthy star.

If you are suffering from diabetes then get proper treatment and control it.

Do not take stress at all. Remember that no problem is solved.

If you consume too much caffeine, then control its quantity.

If you keep these things in mind, then your chances of getting heart disease again will be reduced and if you are undergoing treatment then your treatment will work effectively.

If you have had heart disease before and you are undergoing treatment or have it, then also visit a cardiologist (Delhi) at a fixed time interval and get the necessary examination done.

What are the physical symptoms of heart disease?

1-hypotension and hypertension: –

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To know hypotension and hypotension, firstly know what is blood pressure? Blood pressure is the pressure that maintains the blood flow in the arteries. This pressure is created by the heart being progressively compacted and relaxed. The pressure of the compressed state is systolic and the pressure of the relaxed phase is called diastolic.

Hypotension: –

The lack of blood pressure due to any reason is called ‘low blood pressure’ or ‘hypotension’. In adults, blood pressure less than 100 mm Hg can be considered as a patient of hypotension.

reason :-

Hypotension is found due to poor health, fasting, lack of food and water and some diseases like Addison’s disease, and TB.

Symptoms of hypotension: –

In this, the patient’s body is cold, the skin yellow, lack of vision, body cramps, less urination and more hypotension can cause death of the patient.

Hypertension: –

If the systolic pressure exceeds 140 mm Hg and the diastolic pressure exceeds 90 mm Hg, the condition is called ‘high blood pressure’ or hypertension.

reason :-

Stress, smoking, drinking, excessive use of salt, obesity, fatty food, birth control pills, lack of exercise, etc.

Symptoms of Hypertension: –

Nervousness, shortness of breath, sleeplessness, restlessness, frequent heart attack, heart attack are three times the normal person and four times the fear of paralysis.

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