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Trending Fantasy Sports & Betting Apps to Follow In 2019

Over the past couple of years, fantasy sports have definitely gained a fair share of traction globally. With a rise in the popularity of sports like cricket, football and many more are combined with technological advances. Many iGaming specialists believe that fantasy sports play a crucial role in driving deeper user-to-real life sports connectivity.

Fantasy sport is an online game where every user is a team owner, forming a virtual team of real players who are actually playing the game with certain parameters. The fantasy sports business is now at its peak owing to the growing popularity of iGaming. Fantasy sports application can be seen as an ideal accomplice for sports lovers who want to participate in the Fantasy sports company.

Presently, the global market has more than 80 million fantasy sports players and it is growing with the rapid speed of 30 to 50% per year. (View Statics)

Here are some Top Leading Fantasy sports Apps 

William Hill bets

For its quality and safety, it is one of the most known bookmakers when it comes to speaking about accurate bets. With this application, you can bet on the various sporting activities offered in real-time. The most innovative characteristic of this implementation is the inclusion of the streaming service, providing instant data about the results of their bets to the user of the application.


This application is part of the prestigious Franco Group Recreatives. This application has the backing of over 50 years of betting industry experience. One of the pillars of this application is the ability to place bets in real-time, making a wide range of sporting activities are available to you where you get the best profits. This application enables the user to simultaneously combine separate bets as it has the “Multi-event” option, which is the application’s most outstanding choice. This secure platform bet on the following activities like cricket, volleyball, baseball, hockey, and basketball.

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This application is one of the best known and respected by fans of betting. It provides handsome betting gains and a range of sporting activities. This application is one of the safest in real-time multi-tasking system and quite attractive top earnings for novice and professional bettors.


Every small detail is in the name itself. BalleBazzi, in itself, means cricket betting app and similar to that is the fantasy app. BalleBaazi is introduced lately on the fantasy market, where users can enjoy real fantasy platform formats are available that make it more exciting. You can download BalleBaazi Fantasy App and get Rs.50 Sign up bonus and earn Rs.100 to refer your friends to this application.

Dream 11

The fantasy sports app is one of the users ‘ most famous applications because it allows users to develop teams and play games like cricket, hockey, soccer, and basketball. The Website like Dream11 offers a fantasy game platform where users generate a virtual player squad and earn points in real games according to their results.

Fantasy App11

Recently, a new app called Fantasy Power 11 has been introduced in the market. It is one of the famous platforms for fantasy users to experience the new fantasy Games. This app comes with some exciting features and offers that is hard to resist. There’s a bunch of new format of fantasy games added where everyone will win form the league. The app provides points to users predicting the score, and you can earn up to Rs. 5 Lac if you’re the winner. 

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Wrapping Up

These were lots of the best fantasy sports website are there in the market, which is delivering user-friendly apps to their user. With this great moment, the sports fantasy industry is gaining momentum. More and more people are developing these fantasy sports apps. Therefore, the developers are offering betting software with high-class features. 

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