5 Best Day Trips from Munich City

Munich is the capital of Bavaria’s concurring most number of Castle in the world with beautiful architecture and sculpture of European style. Furthermore, you will get to have the real essence of Roman history yet now in many of the cities and old towns.

Apart from history, there are sights which are of great interest for adventure lovers, as German hight peak and huge ranges of mountains are not so far from the capital to take a Munich day tour for great exposure with the nature and trails of lush greenery.

Even more, you will have some places near Munich which will take you back to the time of Hitler ruling and torture of Nazi at the prison camps. More or less day trips from Munich will have all the destinations of everyone’s interest.

So these are some of the best day trips from Munich to take one step up for fun with your family and friends.

Best Day Trips From Munich

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

2. Salzburg

3. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

4. Dachau

5. Nuremberg

1. Neuschwanstein Castle 

Munich to Neuschwanstein day trip is such a great plan to spend some good time at the Ludwig’s fairy tale castle. If you have ever watched Disney, you will get to relate this Neuschwanstein castle as pretty as a picture which comes in the movies of Cinderellas. Moreover comes in most.

This lovely Castle is in the downtown of the little village, Fussen in Germany which has been built by a Mad King Ludwig over a rocky hill which has been a top visited Munich tourist attractions since the king’s death in 1886.

You have to take a hike as the castle is mounted over some height, away from the crowd of the city. Castle was surrounded by beautiful nature which will give you a charming view of the castle too.

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This day trip from Munich which is just in reach of 2-hours drive will surely turn you bucked up life with freshness and zeal inside you.

Time to reach: 2 hours & 15 mins by car approx.

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2. Salzburg

Want to travel abroad but you have lack of time? You must try to plan to travel over one of the wonderful city of Austria, Salzburg trip from Munich which has been located just nearby the south of Germany. City is remembered by the hit movie, named “The Sound of Music”. 

It’s an ideal city for day trips from Munich in a foreign land to explore the historic era as this city of Austria has many Baroque design buildings like  Mirabell Palace and Gardens. Another famous one which has been now turn to hotel is the von Trapp family home which been constructed in European architecture.

For picturesque landscape, tourists can trek to the top of Hohensalzburg Fortress which will give you some wonderful scenic view from the peak, which will make you feel day trips from Munich well worth it.

Apart from this, ladies out there, you will be happy to hear that, the city occupies some most popular shopping streets, one is Getreidegasse and the second is Linzer Gasse. So, carry extra bags with you girls!!!

Time to reach: 1 & ½ hours to 2 hours by car approx.

3. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Wondering about how Germany was some centuries ago? You have to take Rothenburg ob der Tauber day trip from Munich. Here you will feel that you have gone back to the era of mid-aged as streets, lanes, stoned buildings of the city is still preserved now.

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This walled town is located between Stuttgart and Nuremberg and based over north of Munich is the most chosen day trips from Munich by the tourists, to get some unique different atmosphere rather than other normal modern cities and towns.

In this trip, you will find packed full of tourism which includes many famous museums such as the Imperial City Museum, the well known Medieval Criminal Museum, the Germann Christmas Museum and many more.

Apart from a tour of the old city, you must try to walk at the top of ‘City Wall’ which is been very popular in the town. Furthermore, you should even head to Plönlein Corner for getting the most beautiful postcard-perfect views in the whole of Germany.

Time to reach: 2 & ½ hours by car approx.

4. Dachau 

Dachau is nothing like other tourist attraction, but its been a freaky tourist destination, as it is one of the first Hitler’s concentration camps located within reach of less than 30 mins to have a terrific day trips from Munich.

In 1933, the Nazi regime’s first camp was built, basically to let the political prisoner kept behind the bars for committing any crime. It is been estimated that its been gound of more than 200,000 prisoners living and more than 45,000 were led to death by the ill-treatment of the Nazis.

In your day trips from Munich to this murder deck, Dachau, you will have a look over memorial center which includes the ghosty barricades, hall of torture which is quite terrifying, living areas of the prisoners crying out of pain which will be horrific to imagine.

Moreover, the museum exhibiting the history of the camp, as well as an art gallery showcasing the posters, art giving the message ‘Never Again’. Whenever you will image the history after a visit to this place you will have a pinch of fear inside you for sure.

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Time to reach: 21 to 38 mins by car approx.

5. Nuremberg 

This city is been 2nd biggest city of Bavaria, almost similar to the old town Rothenburg, where you will get the European style buildings, stoned paved streets, and many more things which make Nuremberg tour from Munich popular.

The city was bombed out in WWII which had destroyed plenty of national monuments and ancient buildings of the city, but it has been restored beautifully again by few decades back. The City Wall is standing undisturbed, separating the old town and the rest of the town.

This vibrant city is best for Munich day tours at the time of winter which will be of great fun as the Christmas market of Nuremberg is world-famous known as ‘Christkindlsmarkt’.

But for all year round, tourists coming to this place can enjoy some old architectures, some restored monuments, and museums to allure the city. Whereas for more, you will have plenty of family-friendly pubs and restaurants where you will get authentic German food.

Time to reach: 1 & ½ hours by car approx.

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Thus, do visit these within reach places from Munich and let yourself give a chance to make your worn-out life to enjoy with the beauty of the state. And let others also refer to go to these places to adore the glory of the capital.

Don’t listen to us what we say, go and see. And remember, to travel is to live. So don’t stop travelling.

Thank You…