Types Of Tread Pattern

Tyre tread patterns are not designed to look stylish. These patterns are precision-engineered to provide essential grip, traction, and resistance by expelling water from a contact patch with the road. Moreover, the tread pattern has a direct impact on fuel economy and driving comfort. Let us know more about it.

What is the construction of tread?

Tread is usually composed of big blocks designed to ensure good traction. Tread is the circumferential outer part of the tyre that forms the contact surface. Tread roofs affect handling and braking distance. Tyre grooving is essential for removing water from the contact surface. Multiple groovings improve wet surface grip.

There are three types of tread pattern- asymmetric, directional and multi-directional- each with its own performance and safety advantages. Let us know more about the types of patterns the treads have.

Below are the details about different types of tread pattern:

Asymmetrical tyres

These tyres deliver optimized braking and handling in both wet and dry road conditions. Moreover, these have excellent aquaplaning, resistance, and wear evenly.

These tyres have different tread patterns on the inner and the outer side of the tyre, making them best for both the wet and dry surfaces. The outer tread is best for giving grip in the dryer roads, while the inner tread is best for grip in wet terrains. This can make them expensive.

Directional tyres

Directional tyres have a pattern which is designed for one specific direction of rotation only and must be fitted in that direction. The pattern generally follows the shape of an arrowhead and can look very striking on a vehicle. They offer a good direction of stability and very good wet-weather performance.

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Multi-directional Tyres

These tyres are commonly found on cheaper cars as they feature a simple tread pattern. The name multi-directional comes from the fact that these Firestone Tyres can rotate in any direction and can be placed on any side of the car. This makes them cheaper to

buy and replace. Multi-directional or symmetrical tyres have a pattern design that may be fitted either way on the rim and at any position on the vehicle. These offer good overall performance and the advantage of total flexibility if you need to rotate tyres around the vehicle. You can purchase these tyres online.

These key features stand the test of time and come to fruition after extensive research. These are also what make Firestone Tyres one of the finest names in the tyre manufacturing industry. They have a tyre for every car and all the seasons.