tyre wear types

Everything you need to know about tyre wear types

Good health of your tyres ensures that the driver remains safe and the vehicle performs optimally. Moreover, proper maintenance also provides a long life to the tyre as well. It means you can delay tyre replacement as well.

Some of the most important and considerable maintenance factors are keeping correct pressure in the tyres, ensuring proper alignment and balance, observing the depth of the tyre tread, and keeping the tyres safe from damages or punctures.

This blog is written to indicate the importance of tyre tread that is an essential factor to keep in mind while you replace your tyres.

Why is tyre tread important?

Before we discuss the types of tread wear, it is important to talk about the importance of tyre tread.

To understand the concept of tyre treads, just look at the sole of your shoes.

Have you ever observed the grooves in the sole of your shoe? These deep linings ensure proper grip between the surface and your feet. Also, these designs help to increase friction, so you can walk comfortably.

A similar idea works for tyre treads as well.

Tyres with specialised groove pattern are beneficial because you need to drive the car on potholes, water, snow, mud, and uneven roads. As a result, the tyres have to perform with equal efficiency on these variable road conditions.

Therefore, all the drivers are legally bound to use the tyres Uxbridge with certain tread depth. If the tyre depth is below the recommended level, you must replace your tyres with a new set of tyres.

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Certain tyres show different wearing patterns.

Main types of tyre wear


This wear is uneven and is not visible to the driver. Generally, it is detected by running fingers on your tyres. You will feel a difference in the sharpness of the tread wear on both sides.

Flat Spot Wear:

Flat spot wear is the result of the presence of issues in the brake system. It may occur due to harsh braking. Moreover, this type of wear is also an indicator of potential brake failure.

Center rib wear:

Excessive wear on the central part of the tyres occurs due to overinflation. High air pressure on the inner walls of the tyres causes reduced fuel economy, vibration and unstable driving experience.

Side wear:

Excessive wear on the shoulders of tyres is a result of under-inflation. When the air pressure is not optimum in the tyres, air moves to the sides of the tyre because this area shows low resistance. Improper pressure in the tyres increases friction and leads to accidents.

Cupping wear:

In this type of tread wear, you may notice some patches on the tyre. Cupping occurs due to bouncing wheels. In this condition, the tyres may produce a rumbling noise at high speeds.

As you see, tread wearing occurs due to several factors. However, if you own an efficient set of Goodyear tyres Uxbridge, you need not worry. This is because tyres manufactured by Goodyear are engineered to meet your needs and requires minimum maintenance. If you want to buy some of the best tyres from Goodyear and other leading brands, visit us, at M & C Tyres. We also provide car-related services and aftermarket products as well.

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