Ultimate Office Relocation Checklist

Office Relocation is quite an extensive task. However, the amount of input required could vary from minimal to adverse. Nevertheless, there is one way out of this hurdle, a checklist. Failing to plan is planning to fail. The case is not an exception in this work scenario. It would help if you had some form of guidance that will help you undertake all the tasks. The preparation might take a few weeks or days before the big day. A checklist plays a huge role in shedding more light on all the minor and major aspects. The factors that seem insignificant are the ones that might brew problems for you. In the list, you need to highlight every item and steps to help you handle them. Below is a sample that you can use.


Once you get the final say about moving, you should consider evaluating your lease a few months before the moving day. However, the type of lease agreements you have will dictate some of the actions you must take. If you are leaving before the lease ends, you might lose some of your deposited money. Check if there are any broken items or damages within the building. As a tenant, you are responsible for any problems that might occur while staying on the premises. It is safer to have all the finer details. Otherwise, you will get slapped with a repair and maintenance bill later. Once this is ready, delegate tasks to different people. The moving process involves other activities like packing and labeling. Assign the various functions to efficient members of your team. At this stage, you can also decide to use some professional help.

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Moving comes with a lot of risks and starting a moving company business also do. Whether you are doing it yourself or using a mover, you must invest in a comprehensive insurance cover. It shields you from any costs in case an accident occurs to the property. Purchase it prior and thoroughly consult on the extent of protection that you will get. Moving expenses vary widely. Most movers arrive at a quote after assessing the distance to get covered and also the number of office items at hand. Evaluate different moving companies and check if they are new or experienced in moving business, and request their quotes. A budget will come in handy to guide you further. You need to work with a company that is within your means. However, this does not mean that you overlook the quality of services offered. Once you spot the best, draft the convenient timing and get ready.


One of the reasons why office relocations become a mess is miscommunication. Unlike a house where it’s just your family, the office set up can have more than a hundred people. You need to develop an effective communication strategy that will keep everyone in the know about your plans. Sending a mail or memo can help in this course. In the message, indicate what role everyone would be doing. Highlight the specific timing and tasks that each of them must undertake before, during, and after the moving day. Talk to relevant third parties. These include the movers, landlord, telephone provider, water company, food services, and stationery companies, among other service providers you had hired. Lastly, talk to partners, clients, and any financial institutions. Inform them of the change of location and send them your new address.

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The operations of any business are all dependant on the kind of technology used at hand. It is the most vital item of all of them in the office. The systems are what host the data that makes up any company. When you decide to move, you need to look for a way to help you get back to work once you are settled. The tech part of your office should be on its toes during this period. They must back up all the essential information. Although it will mean that you will not be operational at this period, you’d rather be safe than sorry. Once the data is secure, let them check all the equipment, including computers, monitors, and printers, among others. All the cables must be stored away safely but, in a place, where you can retrieve and pair them promptly. Labeling is crucial at this stage. Before relocating, strategize on a new plan for your new office. Where would everything go? The last thing you want is boxes piled up with no clear direction of placement.


The bid day is finally here. If you adhered to the steps above, everything would fall in place. Have your emergency number on speed dial in case of a mishappening. Factor in a small budget for refreshments or lunch as the work is rather involving. It would help if you kept everyone motivated during the work. Check that all items move to the truck and the old office is empty. Take photos or videos before leaving.

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With such a checklist, you ensure a smooth transitioning from the old to the new office location.

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